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  • Its been years

    Since i made any cupcakes and i don't think i have ever made and Muffins. But i feel the need to make some but i don't have any recipes for any so if you have any can you let me have some please i want to start of with something very simple

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    Yum... cake....

    Cupcakes are easy...

    Basically 2 egg mixture makes approx 12.

    My mums scales are those really old ones with the heavy weights you put on one side and a aluminium dish on the other so we just used the weight of 2 eggs for margarine, caster sugar and self raising flour (exchange a table spoon of flour for cocoa powder if you want chocolate ones).

    This would be in weights:

    4 oz marg (can use softened butter)
    4 oz caster sugar
    4 oz self raising flour
    2 eggs
    (and 1 table spoon cocoa powder if you want chocolate)

    Cream marg and sugar together until creamy, add beaten eggs slowly, sift flour (and cocoa powder) into mixture and fold in. Put into cake cases (or split between 2 7 inch round tins for a sandwich cake). Bake at 350F, 175C or gas mark 4 for about 15 mins (or 20-25 mins for sandwich).

    That's the only cake recipe I know from my head.

    For muffins you could try Delia

    Her recipes have a tendency to work every time.

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