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Gold Plated or Diamond-Tipped Knitting needles......

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  • Gold Plated or Diamond-Tipped Knitting needles......

    ........ok, I've looked and looked at these needles and they jst look ordinary to me. But look what they are selling for;

    Have I missed something? I'm no expert knitter. I was looking for some new size 10's (old sizes) for baby knitting......

    Apple Tree Crafts

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    Hi Jules

    You've missed nothing except that some people have far more money than sense. Most of those needles look like very old plastic ones (I've still got some from when I learnt to knit in the early 60s) so will be very brittle and liable to break, and I think they are not as easy to use as metal needles.

    However, having inherited needles from various relatives over the years I find I have 4½ (???!!!! - I have no idea where the half came from) pairs of size 10s and I am more than happy to package up one of the pairs and send them to you. PM me if you are interested.

    I can't do much knitting now because of problems with my shoulders and hands - not to mention a distinct shortage of time - so am unlikely to ever need more than a couple of pairs for my own use.



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      HOW MUCH!!! £100.89 was the current bid when i just looked. I think I might just have to auction off all my unused knitting needles!!

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        must have more money than sence

        I could not believe this, the seller must be very pleased. Unless there has been some mistake. I will have to look out my old ones. I would be lucky to sell mine.
        Bye Pandylou


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          They are all Barking!!!

          Having just taken over my mum in law's knitting and sewing boxes......I could be worth a fortune.....what do you reckon I will get for some sewing thread on old fashioned wooden bobbins, and as for the half used tapestry threads with the prices in ds not ps..... yahoo!!!

          See you all in Hawaii!!!


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            God how i let things slip through my fingers when my aunt went into a home we had to clear out the house and i as the fav neice got most of it - sewing machine bags of thread (very tangled) bags of wool (even more tangled) and 3 tins of knitting needles grrrrrrrr just like those in the picture and what did i do with them ? ebay them and make a fortune - did i heck they went to the dump!!!!! now i'm of for a long cry
            while i knit i think




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              Looks a bit dodgy to me! Its not a private auction but why is it showing as bidder 1 and bidder 2??!! Or have I missed something?!!!


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                I think this 'bidder 1' bit is eBay's new thing. I've bid on a few things this week and that's what's come up on the bid history. I'm not impressed with it myself, as it doesn't let you probe into whether or not the bidding looks a bit dodgy.

                Before, if you thought something untoward was going on, you could log into the eBay community boards and someone with expert knowledge would soon spot the shill bidding if you pointed out which auction you were watching. I suppose eBay will have some spurious reason for hiding bidders names...

                Sorry if I've just made dozens of you realise you've thrown out a small fortune.....although I think there's something fishy going on with this particular auction. There are only two bidders, one bidding by sniper and their one & only bid was £100+, and 20% of Bidder 1's auction activity has been with this seller. It's either dodgy or, they set the sniper using a ridiculous amount, thinking the amount bid would never ever get that high. Bidder 2 has then bid repeatedly to discover just how high the first bidder was prepared to go to. Methinks Bidder 1 is in for a nasty shock....

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                  i can't wait to see!!!
                  full time mum and very very part time crafter.