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  • Saddness

    I'm soo sad had to have my poor doggie put down today, he wasn't well Christmas day, and his stomach swelled. They found multiple tumours.
    Made a complete fool af myself in the supermarket as i was in the milk isle when the vet rang.
    Hubbie and his friend are now going to collect him and bury him in some private woods. I cant go i'm too sad and i don't want to make an even bigger fool of myself... Sorry to depress you all at Christmas just thought i'd share with my 'virtual' friends...

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    Poor doggie, thats just so sad. My dog had to be put down years ago when he got ill and i still miss him lots. I hope hubbie is home soon to give you lots of hugs.

    Leanna xx
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      I'm so sorry to hear your news. That's just so sad and a horrible time of year for it to happen

      Loosing pets is just as hard as loosing humans. Don't feel like you've made a fool of yourself, it just shows how much you cared for your doggie!

      I know it won't feel like this but just remember that you've done the right thing and haven't let your doggie suffer.

      I hope you feel better soon and that you get lots and lots of cuddles from hubby on his return.

      Sending you lots of virtual hugs


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        So Very Sad....'s awful to lose a beloved pet. You have my deepest, deeest sympathy.

        I know it's of little comfort, but you did the right thing. Your little dog won't have to suffer now.

        It might be early to say this, but get a new dog soon. It's not disrespectful to the memory of the pet you've just lost, and a new puppy or dog will cheer you up immensely.

        Thinking of you,

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            A horrible decision to have to make but am sure you did the right thing.
            <<Big hug>>.


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              Much pity for your doggie.Hope you have another one the you will happy when you miss it.

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                I'm so sorry to hear that. However you can console yourself that doggie is now free from all pain and can play to his heart's content on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

                Two of my friends - completely independently - lost their cats on Christmas Eve. I felt so sad for both of them.

                Hugs to you and I hope you soon find another canine friend who will help to fill the hole in your life. Remember there are many animals in rescue centres just waiting for someone like you to give them a good and loving home.



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                  we had to have our big dog put to sleep 3 years ago and we all still miss him and my OH was so bad he couldn't speak to any one for about 3 days without bursting into tears ~ sending big HUGS your way
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                    That is sad but at least he isnt in any pain anymore and probably running around upstairs with all the other doggies
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                      Sending you lots of hugs, I remember how painful it was when my cat died last year after being with us for 20 years.

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                        Big hugs coming your way. It is a really hard when you lose a much loved pet at least you made the right decision and didn't let him suffer. Doesn't make you feel any better though....

                        Cheers Janice xx


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                          I'm sorry to hear about your dog. Losing a pet is so horrible, they become a part of the family. Look after yourselves.
                          Love julie
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                            So sorry to hear of your loss it's a horrible decision to have to make but you know in your heart it was the right thing to do. At least I'll bet you will have many happy memories of him and it may not seem like it at the moment but it does help to get another one.

                            Lots of hugs


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                              Thank you all for your thoughts.It has been such a weird few days, i feel like my right arm has been cut off!!Luckily its been bedlem at the ice cream shop over the Xmas hol so that's kind of given me something else to think about, but even then i find myself wondering how long i've been at work, do i need to go home to see my doggie... but then realise no he's not here anymore..Friends have been very kind, most of them have dogs as well so they all understand how i feel.Thanks again all of you for being here.Heres a wee piccie of him & us!!