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whats your best pressie so far..?

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  • whats your best pressie so far..?

    well what made you grin like a kid this christmas ..?!

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    Best Pressies...

    Originally posted by BeadsbyLili View Post
    well what made you grin like a kid this christmas ..?!
    Got to be my secret santa gifts - it's been years since I had a real surprise gift. I was thrilled with both of them.

    I did get some lovely things from the family and my friends, but I knew what most were before opening them. I'm awaiting my Nintendo DS so I can start my Brain Training game.....

    So, oppositely, what was the worst gift you got?

    Ours was a tin of chocolate biscuits, for two reasons. The sender knew Himself hasn't touched chocolate (a great love) since before his op so that was cruel, and they'd already been opened, there were biscuits missing.......

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      My fav was an ipod from hubbie... our computer isn't up to putting music on so he had been in cahoots with my niece, filtering lots of cds to her so it's full of all my music!! I love it!!

      My sister bought me the DVD of Footloose, one of my all time fav films
      Fantastic, watched it christmas day, my feet were going i can tell you!


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        I got lots of lovely pressies! Matt and I set a limit of what we can spend on each other and this year it was £20 - makes you think carefully about what you buy when you only have a limited amount of money. Matt bought me some lovely old maps - some of which I am allowed to cut up - and made me a mix tape of some very special songs! Anya and Tara bought me some gorgeous handmade necklaces and my sister made me some very cute crocheted flower badges. So lots of lovely things.
        Oh and I did get a fab present this morning but I can't tell you what it is yet When we get back from France I should be able to let you all know!!!!
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          If you're asking which present made me grin like a kid ......

          It was the David Tennant calender my hubbie bought for me!

          I also got a lovely pink keyboard and mouse set for the pooter.

          I got a pink Beetle car cd-player to go in my workroom. He'd bought it on behalf of my in-laws to give me. I said "I suppose this is really meant for teenagers isn't it?" They all looked at the box and said "Erm, it's got an Angelina Ballerina cd on the photo" Haha! I don't care, it's really funky and pink!

          I got some snuggly pyjamas, slippers, gloves and some funky flower wellies ... all in pink! Even my christmas wrapping paper was pink with silver snowflakes!

          I also got the box set of "Rome" so I can drool over Titus Pullo to my heart's content!

          I got Richard Hammond's book, which I've nearly finished reading.

          Toby woke up at midnight on Christmas Eve needing the loo. It was about 3 minutes after I'd put his sack in his room, and I'd only just finished walking up the stairs in my flour and glitter wellies, so he saw his stocking and Santa's footprints when he went to the loo. Luckily he went straight back to sleep, but I thought he was going to set the record for being the earliest riser on Christmas morning! As it turned out, he didn't wake til 9:00 so we had a lovely lie-in which was a nice treat.

          His favourite present was the scooter we got him. All the big boys at school ride them into school, so now I've got to park away from the school so that he can do the same. He also loved the blue "croc" shoes I got for him. He's forever putting my pink ones on and asking if he can have his own pair in blue, so I got him some and he squealed "blue shoes" when he opened them! My hubby was a bit non-plussed because he didn't know I'd got him some and is now worried I'm teaching him bad habits about having too many pairs of shoes - as if you can ever have too many pairs of shoes!

          Anyway, can you tell I've missed chatting on the forum? I better leave some space for somebody else to post something!
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            I got a great big triangle pillow. it is so comfy. I know it's not very glam but I must be getting old!!!
            I also got a gorgeous handbag, some scarves, wraps etc and some beautiful chinese silk shoes.
            I don't think I got anything grisly at all this year!!
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              the 1p Christmaas tree my mum purchased at Sainburies on Christmas Eve!
              Its over 6ft and it smells soooooooooooooooooo nice. She got it as a joke but it was trimmed on Christmas day and we all had fun doing that!
              A cheap but VERY big Christmas pressie!


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                Best had to be the chocolate fountain and loads of choc and marshmallows for it. but not had chance to try it yet due to the worst present............. flu


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                  Originally posted by Delta View Post
                  the worst present............. flu
                  Oh no - poor you !!

                  Hope you have a few days off now to rest and watch the rest of the cheesy films on TV (we've just all settled down to watch ET - classic!)



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                    My first best was the ipod shuffle from my brother which makes a change from the cds he's already listened to (and copied)!!

                    And the second best was the laminator and 200 sheets of laminator plastic wallets from my mum and dad!! I had asked for it but was surprised I got it!


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                      I got a BIG camera fujifilm S9600 and its brill, I got £100 from my other half, a new polymer book, some clay, beads. A moleskine diary, perfume, cookery book and my dad made me a clock, lamp and vase from wood which he had turned.
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                        I got Kylie's new CD - it's brill !

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                          My secret santa pressie from beadsbydesign was my bestest on xmas day.
                          ...Plus my hub brought me some gorgeous chutney jewellery

                          And today BIL/glasskanvas has given me some gorgeous crafty books. THANKS BIL x x
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                            Originally posted by littlesnuggler View Post
                            I got Kylie's new CD - it's brill !
                            Oh wow... I'm out to buy that tomorrow
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                              Originally posted by incywincy View Post
                              My secret santa pressie from beadsbydesign was my bestest on xmas day.

                              that is such a lovely lovely thing to say!!!!!! ( you just made me very happy!!!!)
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