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got a computer ban!!

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  • got a computer ban!!

    went to stay round the corner at mums for christmas eve and when I woke up on christmas morning I went to get on the computer to wish you all a happy christmas and my mum said "o you can't do that coz I've banned the computer for everyone today" I was really pissed off but managed to smile. GRRRRRRRR!

    We actually had a lovely christmas. didn't open any presents until nearly 5 o clock because I had to take the morning service and then we all mucked in to help with dinner and then brother and his family arrived. long lunch and then clear up before finally sitting down and opening the obscene mountain of gifts. There were 14 of us there. Today there will be 18. We are off back round at 11 and then coming back again for mince pies and coffee with an elderly neighbour.
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    Busy busy! We were supposed to have no internet but Matt took his laptop to my mums and had his phone thingy (he thinks it's funny that I don't know what it's called!) so we could check email as we are expecting something in.
    I'm not supposed to be on the computer now but I've snuck away for 10 mins - best go and help entertain Gramps although Anya is doing a good job by doing fairy dances for him!
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      Nevermind the ban because you enjoyed your christmas with your family. That is why your mom banned you with the computer so you can enjoy your christmas with them. Happy Holidays.
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        We didn't have a ban as I was still getting orders on my website and I needed to deal with them!! I have to admit I have been surprised how many people of crafty shopping!! Not complaining though!!!
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