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Had a job interview today...

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  • Had a job interview today...

    ...and I was bag of nerves and think I really mucked it up

    Its doing the same job I do now, but for another area, plus I'd have a bit more responsobility such as staff obsrvations, quality monitoring....don't want to bore you!!

    There was me and another candidate, plus an internal candidate that won't be interviewed until the new year (so I won't know yey or nay until January).

    I just lost it, and on the way home thought over al the questions and realised I gave a lot of duff answers and though up much better ones. Boo hoo
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    Bet you didn't muck it up. More you think it about it the worse it will seem.

    Dont think you can tell for yourself anyway. The interviews they give you nowadays dont allow them to give encouragment or discouragement so the interview panel all sit there poo faced.

    Anyway less than a week to Christmas. If you get some time off enjoy it and relax.

    Cheers Janice x


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      I think most interviewer's take into account people's nerves and they must know you're qualified for the job if you're already doing it elsewhere.
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        I remember when I went for my interviews for my first teaching job. I was really positive about one of them - they didn't want me but the second one where I really mucked up wanted me in the end. They must have seen something in me that they liked or perhaps it was because it was an inner city school and they just needed a teacher! I also think that because I am from the north it helped a bit - the head was from Scotland, the deputy from Yorkshire (where I'm from) and the other teacher interviewing me from about 10 miles from where I grew up!
        So even if you think it went really badly then it may not have done!
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          You can never tell how an interview went until you actually hear back from them so try not to fret, I have had a couple in the past which I thought went superb and came away very happy convinced I had the job, even practically told I did, only to never hear from them again, and had others which I thought I had done really badly in and been totally amazed when they have been offered to me. So don't loose heart, try not to think about it and enjoy your Christmas and you may just get a nice surprise in the New Year!! Good luck!!
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            Good luck with the job and I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you think.

            We're currently interviewing for a junior admin position at my work, and we have taken into account nerves and such. As the job will be dealing with customer emails, a good standard of English is required, most importantly grammer and spelling, and this is where a lot of candidates are falling down.

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              I agree that people who interview must take into account your nerves.i did some interviewing last week for our new shop (what a laugh that was)We definately could tell the ones that were nervous and it had no bearing on whether we thought they were good for the job..Good luck!!


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                Thanks all, I wish I wasn't threating over it so much. I'm not activitly looking for another job, I just happened to see it and decided it was worth a shot. I just keep replying it in my mind and have managed to come up with alternative answers to everything I said!!! Nerves really did get the beter of me on this one. Will let you know when I hear from them in Jan.
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                  I applied for 3 jobs last year, got interviewed for all 3 (we were going through a massive restructure and jobs were very scarce) and despite very very strong competition I got offered all 3!!!

                  So you just never know!