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  • Been Bad this weekend???

    So yesterday was sooo bad weather wise here that i left work early, left the little worker bees to cope (some advantages to being boss..) and came home.Hubbie was supposed to go trials riding but again weather too bad..So what did we do ????Sat on our bums and watched 8 episodes of 24 season 4 on the boxseti don't think i've ever done anything so bad in my whole entire 35years...Not only tehat, we then bid and won season 5 on ebay!!!!! ahhhhhhOff to say my Hail Marys now to get the black spots off my soul.....So whats the naughtiest thing you've done this weekend?? (Remember the naughty word rule on here hehe)

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    I got up on sunday around 10am, havnt done that in years,watched Robin Hood(on tape)went food shopping, then spent the rest of the day watching films Working Girl,Elf etc I was literally on my botty all day!!!I actually felt bad.I had to make myself get up and do something productive, then Top Gear and the last episode of Long Way Down.

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      oooo we watched Long Way Down too, i think Ewan Mcgegor is soooooo coolWas very sad when we realised it was the last episode.Hope they go on another adventure very soon.And hope the wiife dosnt go along this timeI mean it was a boys trip i felt bad for Charlie


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        I was Exemplary (sp?)

        I thought I was angelic on Saturday, but meine gott, I did so want to be bad....

        There I was, behind my stall, smiling nicely, when these women came over to look. They spent a good while looking at everything, the one woman exclaiming how lovely everything was. Her friend was silent a good while then said

        'I can get sodding (she used the f-word) Aunty Mary something from's all old ladies' stuff'

        WHAT!!!!!!??? I'll give her 'old ladies' stuff'.....tactless &*%$£*^[email protected]:##

        Dang rude can people be?

        Luckily she walked away cos I was so taken aback I wouldn't have sold her a thing. Himself nearly had to sit on me, I wanted to ask her to leave. Gawd, I was fuming.

        So, I didn't say or do anything. I was a positive saint. Although what I was thinking has scuppered any chances I ever had of getting to Heaven. Scuppered big time.

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          I think the naughtiest thing I did all weekend was have a bacon roll on Saturday and then a cheeseburger on Sunday. They were the only things available to eat at the fair!
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            The naughtiest thing I did was instead of giving 15% off my painting at the shopping evening (like advertised) I miss calculated and gave her 20% off. Its a good job I'm my own boss, can't fire myself. Well its that and fish and chips on Saturday night.


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              I had a reasonably naughty (long) weekend..... it all started on Thursday morning when I decided to use my two days off wisely and go christmas shopping, bacon roll for breakfast, bought myself loads of christmas pressies then italian restaurant for lunch (no licence so no cheeky wee glass of wine), chinese for tea (takeaway, so as much beer as I could get in), Friday drive to England, processed cheese and ham rolls for lunch on the road, MASSIVE dinner at a pub in Thornton Watlass (scallops to start, monkfish to follow), washed down with a couple of pints of bitter and a bottle of wine, next day, THE BIGGEST breakfast ever, including fried bread! Lunch at an Italian restaurant again (I see a pattern forming), dinner of goats cheese tart and pan fried duck breast... and a couple of pints of bitter and a bottle of wine (definate pattern)

              Sunday = bacon sandwich (there's that pattern again), lunch = granny's roast lamb and yorkshire puddings, train ride then, dinner = boyfriend's roast pork and yorkshire puddings!

              2 roast dinners in a day! Hurrah

              And there is the food tour of the UK, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Yorkshire then back to Glasgow.... I should be so much fatter than I am!