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  • Paid for opinions??

    I've been looking at the GMTV website and the money saver man on there was going on about websites that you can join up with and earn money doing surveys etc...Anyone done this before??Wondering if it's to good to be true?

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    I am a member of a couple, and yes you do get paid for each survey you complete from 50p to £1.50. The ones I am part of you have to have £50.00 in your payments account before you can take out the money. I have been a member for about 18 months and have £27.75 in my account.. It is definitely NOT a get rich quick option!!
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      ...I used to do them too whilst I was in a very boring job! I had to sit at a computer screen all day so I thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone! I made a bit of money but got so hacked off with the fact they sold on my info-I was beseiged with cold calls trying to sell me things I knocked it on the head.
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        Im connected to one too, havnt had a survey to do for months and its a few pence each time anyway.

        I think you can get paid to survey shops, like a secret shopper, seeing how the staff handle certain situations etc.

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          Another site that is good is

          You can earn cashback when you make purchases, plus there are some surveys you can take too.
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            I do YouGov, which pays between 50p and £1.50 per survey. I've clocked up about £7.00 in 3 months, but it only takes 5 minutes, so it's not a hardship to do. If you want to do it PM me and I can send you the link as it will pay me to do that. Also if you did and someelse does it that you've referred you get paid also for the first 3 months.


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              I do yougov too and the surveys come through several times a month and are some of the better ones out there. I haven't done any for a while now - been too busy - but they do leave your money in there for you to get ut when yu reach £50.
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                I used to do them but they are soooooooooooooooo boring. Gave up in the end.

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                  I've joined a few. Got a bit carried away...
                  Done a few surveys already, quite interesting, some involving watching adverts and giving an opinion, who knew there was that kind of stuff out there to do in your lunch break!!
                  Just got one that is going to pay me to sample sweets!! haha!! my kind of survey!!!!

                  Also found pigsback which is a site you register with and you earn 'piggy points' for shopping at various stores, or clicking on different offers, worth a look if any one is interested...