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  • Need To Rant? Put it here....

    So, I'm at my sewing machine (well, that's the rumour) and the phone has gone non-stop today.

    Most of the calls were fine, normal organiser chat-for-hours-about-crafts stuff. Then the caller from Hell.

    Yes, I did have her provisionally booked for an event. No, I don't have her pencilled in now. Why not? Because she didn't send a booking form or a payment. Yes I know she phoned me to ask if the place was still hers, but that was three weeks ago. Today we have three days to the event and someone else has booked, and paid, for that space. No, we don't have any more spaces, we're fully booked. No, I'm sorry, we can't squeeze you in. No, I can't tell someone else they can't come just so you can. Yes, of course, I'll phone you the moment we get any cancellations (not). What craft does she do? She imports stuff from India but it's all handmade just not by her. And has she read our T&C's? Yes? Really?

    So, I'm sitting at my laptop now because the sewing machine has lost all it's appeal......

    Rant over. Who's up next?

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    My rant :


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      I am having to switch between three sewing machines at the moment because they are all in desperate need of servicing, but I can't possibly do it until after christmas.

      I mutter at one, lose patience then try my luck with another one..... and go round and round in circles.

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        Originally posted by Apple Tree Crafts View Post
        Then the caller from Hell...


        Rant over. Who's up next?

        What is it with some people? I speak to people like that at work all the time. Getting help starts with being able to help yourself, we aren't psychic and we aren't here to babysit you through life.

        Stick with it, Jules, you'd only have been kicking her out on the day anyway if she'd turned up with a load of imported tat.

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          I shall hold back, I feel I have ranted enough tho those people calling up ATC are right narners.

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            My rant was on another thread about spilling wax - done it another 3 times and I am totally peed off with myself!!!



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              Rant I wont know where to stop I am totally fed up I made loads and loads of cards for christmas I havent found a single craft fair near me I did 1 in a church there were 4 stalls and 3 of them were cards It was such a waste of time. I have tried all the advice I have been given ie shops, cafe's,schools,nurseries,ebay and loads of other sites and still nothing sells if I didn't love it so much I would have given up ages ago and quite frankly it's been such a disaster I feel like chucking the whole thing in I'm so frustrated.I donated a lot of cards to a charity shop ages ago and I phoned to ask if they wanted some christmas cards to sell and they said that the cards I gave them ages ago were not out on display yet!!!!!!! Why bother ? I even tried to give some to a pet rescue place to help them raise funds and they objected and said it was a cheap stunt because I have my contact details on the back of all my cards (in the vain hope that someone somewhere will call me) some hope. Sorry I didnt mean to go on so but I did warn you !! that feels a little better now I;ve got it off my chest.


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                Pauline ,

                What a shame. Dont know what animal sheltar you offered to but I can tell you when I worked in one we would have taking them gratfully.

                Getting fairs at this time of year is a nightmare but it's a hard time of everyone. Is there not a local craft ass. where you live? I'm a member of several up here .

                You get to know other crafters and thats how you find out what's going on.

                Chin up weve all been there and it feels rubbish !!!!!!

                Cheers Janice


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                  I've applied to the local craft association 3 times now each time I've missed the intake or they have too many cardmakers and I've just sent in email again yesterday to try for this year coming so fingers crossed. It wouldn't be so bad but they hold all the craft fairs near here so unless I get in this time I will be stuck with another year of no craft fairs I can go to. I don't remember which pet sanctuary it was as I contacted several and they were the only one who bothered to get back to me.I put an advert in the local paper which is free and goes to all the homes in ours and a few other neighbouring towns and only 1 lady replied she did order several cards it was enough to cover the cost of the advert but I had thought that I would get more than 1 customer.


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                    Sorry Pauline

                    Need to have a wee think about it for you.See if we can come up with a plan................. I do one were the card ladies DONT do Sundays maybe a wee bit far to travel though.

                    Cheers Janice


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                      Unsupportable Weather Rant...

                      ...It is shoving it down here.

                      The rain is coming from the north, and it's so hard it's like a cascade down the windows. There'a huge puddle on my kitchen floor where the wind is forcing the rain right under the back door, which is clever considering we are a step up from ground level.

                      The pond is full to the top, and any minute now the fish will make a big bid for freedom and be away down the road. Not hard with the amount of surface water there is here.

                      The postman has arrived. He's drenched, poor soul. Our letters are unreadable - they are papier mache.

                      Don't know about global warming, because I'm freezing, but I wish it would stop.

                      Apple Tree Crafts


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                        Me and hubby are getting our head around the form ABTA sent us after our planned holiday didn't happen over New Year... they want so much stuff so in future I must remember to photocopy everything involved when booking a holiday from the advert down to the payments....
                        Roll on half term when at least hubby has more time to sort something!

                        As for the weather it's peeing it down here as well!

                        rant over. Better now
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