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Advent calender panic!!!

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  • Advent calender panic!!!

    I spent all yesterday doing all my xmas shopping, and i am now completely brain dead, on top of that emily (4) has decided to adopt the sleeping pattern of a new born, and is waking up every 4 hours! Needless to say i am like the living dead today! About a month ago it seemed like a great idea at the time to buy one of those advent calanders where you put in your own gifts (the little pockets are about 1" x 3"), and i've realised im more then half way through november (36 days until christmas) and i don't have a single thing for the calender, i've thought of hair bands and sweets..... but now have completely gone blank!! Please can anyone help!!?

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    How about.....

    ...little plastic animals? ELC have a good range and Emily seems old enough not to pop stuff in her mouth.

    Then there badges, or girly necklaces & bracelets. Chocolate pennies, or those cute Christmas shaped chocolates. Finger puppets?

    My daughter suggests charms...then in pocket 24 you put the little bracelet to hang them on. That would be a great lasting keepsake. You can get lovely charms on ebay in mixed packs. Or DD says try Claire's Accessories....

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      Thankyou soo much! i shall start scouring the internet now!

      I love the idea of the charm bracelet


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        I remember 5 had one of these calendars when I was younger it was great, think I just got chocs in mine though, the little snack size dairy milks and mini mars bars things like that.
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