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  • 4.45.......

    ..........was the time that Tara was up this morning so I'm a little tired because I was messing about on the computer until 11.30 Little monkey. She's running around the front room at the moment though as if she'd only just woken up!
    I've just packed up lots of sewing stuff because I am going to my mums tonight (girls and Mr Swirl are with other grandparents) as we are going tomorrow on our annual Christmas shopping trip!! Yeah!! So I'm planning on doing lots of sewing because I will have time with no children running around and mum will feed me with cups of tea and biscuits The only problem is that she doesn't have internet access so no checking of the forum I'll be back on Sunday night though - oh and I'm here til 11.00ish!
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    Have a good weekend! see you Sunday
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      Enjoy your weekend - and hope you get lots and lots of Christmas Shopping done - and loads of sewing done with the kids at their other grandparents.

      Hear from you again on Sunday.



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        Have a great weekend see you back here on sunday

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          Hehehehe! I know what you're going through!

          Jacob managed to haul himself out of his cot 2 mornings running, and announced himself by flinging open our bedroom door and shouting "I did it!" at 4:50am........ the chest of drawers has now moved away to inhibit his monkey like skills of climbing and hoisting his fat belly over the side of the cot.......... I left him asleep at 7am when I left for work hehehehehe!! (Simon was still in the house before you think I'm a terrible mother!)

          Hope you get loads and loads of stuff done - we had no kids last weekend and it was great - I did loads of things and put all the washing away!!!

          Oh, got some 'stuff' for you if you are interested, nudge, nudge!!

          Just let me know!