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I'm in good company today...

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  • I'm in good company today...

    ...or maybe not! Got into school and noticed something on my mouse mat. On closer inspection I realised it wasn't dirt or biscuit crumbs, but mouse droppings!!!! Clever little things aren't they, using the mouse mat as their loo? Have had to tell the caretaker but no one has come so far. I have looked under the desk etc and there are more droppings behind. Do I really want to be here today????
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    Oh dear! They are keeping you company!!
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      So your computer has a Mouse Mat - quite literally.



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        Is it a wireless mouse?
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          I too have mice in my office, can't keep my usual food stash in my bottom drawer but thought i would be safe with cartons of orange juice. Thought wrong! I picked up a carton yesterday afternoon and it was empty, so was the next, so was the next, the fourth one was half full though, the remaining contents of which I managed to dribble down my arm.

          Upon closer inspection I realised that all of the cartons had little holes chewed out of them.

          Not only had the mice drunk most of my juice, they had almost filled my drawer with poo!

          Thats not right!


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            LOL, what a clever little trained mouse you have to leave his droppings on the mouse mat, wonder if he was trying to mate with your computer mouse??
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