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Not enough time for craft

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  • Not enough time for craft

    Does anyone else suffer from not having enough time for craft?

    The boyfy supports my beady habit and even accompanies me to bead shops, his band is playing tonight and I have to go but would much rather have a nice cup of tea and look at my new beads which were delivered today!

    so what gets in the way of your crafty past times?

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    I agree, there just isn't enough time for crafting! It seems that life is just a long list of things to get done, and as soon as yet get through one week another starts! Ooooo.Mrs negative tonight!!! I think it comes down to prioritising...can I leave the hoovering until tomorrow and make a mirror tonight?

    For me, the thing that gets i the way the most is work. Plus we're gutting a house at the moment!

    Oh wel, hoo hum!!
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      Children!!!!! That's what gets in the way of crafting time! Luckily they play quite nicely together and today I actually sat in the dining room with them while they played and I put chickens together - and they didn't argue! And it's in a different room to the computer so I couldn't look at forums!!
      On that note forums are a good thing to take up time too when you are supposed to be crafting!
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        My piggin day job - if I didn't have to come in here for 8 hours a day I would be a happy bunny. Ow yeah and I have to agree with swirly - kids - having to referee all the time doesn't help - and finally the forum way too addictive.



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          Originally posted by candles by lisa View Post
          My piggin day job - if I didn't have to come in here for 8 hours a day I would be a happy bunny. .

          you on the forums at work? tsk tsk

          wouldn't catch me doing that!

          well, actually, now you mention it...... might go finish that report I am supposed to be writing......


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            Life gets in the way of crafting. I can't wait until I retire; unfortunately I have a few years to go until I reach that age!