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I'm giving up - I'm just toooo beat to carry on!!!

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  • I'm giving up - I'm just toooo beat to carry on!!!

    It's just no good.......I have just got to give up the breakfast job! I feel totally drained and its taken over my life - I'm miserable and snapping at Wyatt all the time and feel like every muscle and bone in my body is screaming out to me!!

    My day has been, get up at 4.30am, get to 1st job for 6am, get to second job for 11.30'ish, get home about 5'ish, cook dinner for about 6.30pm, eat, groan, try and fit in an hour of crafting, go to bed for 8.30 - 9.00pm!!! No time for shopping, cleaning or real craft work - no time for seeing my grandkids, my friends or relaxing with Wyatt....its just stoopid!!!!

    This morning was the first day that I did not have to go to the 1st job and I just feel sooooooooooooo alive, clean and happy - and my feet are not throbbbing or my back hurting.

    Part of me feels kind of useless because I can't do it, but I'm no spring chicken here and the other girls are at least 10 to 15 years younger than me - I remember when I used to have the pub/restuarant and worked a 17 to 19 hour day and I could do it then!!! Just cant do it now

    For £5.52 an hour, there must be something better out there for me to work part time at - gawd, even working on the tills at Asda is the same money - in fact, our cleaner here at work gets more than that and she does not heavy lifting etc!!!!

    So, I now have to get the nerve up to ring them and tell them I'm not coming back........and I hate to do it because I feel as if I'm letting them down.......but arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I just can't do it anymore.......

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    Well glad you are chucking it you will totally burn yourself out - just pluck up the nerve your not letting them down - your giving yourself a break - you deserve it. Now come one spare time now get on with some toppers!!!



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      You've got to do what's right for you. I wouldn't worry about letting them down - if it's making you ill then it's not right for you.
      Enjoy the spare time you now have and use some of it to relax
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        Life's too short and there are easier jobs out there. My job involved getting up at 5A.M and i will tell you it just about killed me.

        I never went out . Was sleeping before the kids 8.30 some nights.
        There comes a point where you have to look after No 1 and I think you have just reached it.

        Hope your O.K

        Big Hugs


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          Thanks ladies !

          I could have carried on doing the waitressing, that part was okay to be honest - it was that blooming breakfast bar, having to set it all up and take it down again! Plus 4 hours of literally non stop moving <not even time for a quick coffee>, too much lifting, too much backbreaking work and fed up of having water all over my feet while trying to wash glasses/put away. In fact, too much to mention....

          I feel soooooooooooooo much better now that I have made the decision, and I know Wyatt is much happier as we can get to see each other again....LOL.

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            Good on you for making the decision!!

            PS Congrats at the 400th post!!

            PPS 'Thing' in the post tommorow - forgot today (bad bad bad week at work.......)


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              oh wow, I got to 400 and never even noticed!! LOL.

              Looking forward to the card!!!

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                I am with you on this one Pauline - we have similar posts today it seems. You will feel much better and be much happier - go for it.
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                  Sounds like the right decision to me. You really have to look after yourself or you won't be able to do anything.