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Going on Holiday...Sort of...

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  • Going on Holiday...Sort of...

    ...I'm going away today. Yay!!

    We aren't going anywhere hugely special. Just to my parents until Tuesday. But it's just Himself & I.

    After the past few months we've had it will be utter bliss. Himself will be forty*&%+*& on saturday, so I'm lugging a huge box of pressies and cards up to Northants.

    We'll probably just veg out, but I an sooooo looking forward to it. My mum will spoil us...just what the doctor ordered!

    Just need my new jacket to come from Cotton Traders before we leave. If it fits, all will be hunkydory.

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    Enjoy yourself Jules you both deserve to get spoiled and pampered after the time you have had lately.

    All the best.


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      Ooooh - have a lovely time Get your mum to spoil you - that's what they're for!
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        Have a great time and relax both of you.

        Cheers Janice.


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          Yep you deserve it!

          Say hello to him from me too

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            Feeling Rested....

            That was a great few days away.

            We both feel rested, although Himself is feeling tired tonight from the driving.

            We went to Oundle on Saturday, to the Farmer's Market. What a great market! My goodness, it was packed out! We bought ostrich burgers which my kids have pronounced delicious this evening, and a mutton joint that we roasted yesterday. Haven't had mutton in years and it was incredibly tasty....

            This week Himself & I are eating light meals only - we've done nothing but eat since we went away. Probably piled on the pounds......

            Seriously considering Oundle for a craft fair, it's just the perfect spot if we can get a Hall that's a good size. Some dates to co-incide with the Farmer's Market would be so cool too!

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              Sorry Jules i must have missed your post saying you were going away. Glad to hear you both had a good time. You both deserveit after all you've been through lately.
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