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And more bad luck

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  • And more bad luck

    I drove out of the garage today and bent back the already broken wing mirror(being held on by sellotape)but this time I broke the mirror, only a hairline crack but im sure its enough to give me 7 years bad luck.

    Just had to go out with more sellotape and patch it up so it doesnt fall off.

    Lucky Im not planning on selling the car soon......oh, nope, Im wrong, I actually AM planning on selling the broken car soon.

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    Well surely that's the 3rd piece of bad luck that is you had your fair share for a while.

    Thought it was just me that had luck like that. My fav saying is "if it wasn' for bad luck I would have no luck at all".



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      Ive had such a yucky time I wish the ground would open up and swallow me whole.

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        Make glittery things - that'll cheer you up! Eat chocolate - oh and here's a joke to cheer you up.
        What's brown and sticky?

        A Stick!!!!!

        What's green and sticky?

        A frog that's just jumped into jelly - ha hahahahahahaha

        Now that should have cheered you up - or at least be glad that you are not as bad as jokes as me!!
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          Come on cheer up ..

          MY theme tune was " Why Does It Always Rain On Me" by Travis.

          I wish I had a magic solution But apart from telling that that it will get better there isn't one.

          Come on you !!!! Half the reason I joined this forum was because of your wee funny stories that always made me laugh.

          So what if works rubbish ,The cars knackered. You always have you magic fairy dust to sprinkle !!!!!! OR... Just chuck at somebody


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            Fairy dust costs money.Im currently working out an order thinking to myself how much i have to pay out for it.

            Supose having ayucky headache and jippy tummy isnt helping.
            Il try to buck my ideas up but I just feel so drained.


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              oh dear!! can sympathise with you big time!! it's no fun having so much bad luck - even more horrid when its all lumped together!!

              Keep your head up sweetie and don't let it get too you! I keep telling myself that times will get better and my fingers are bruised from all the crossing thats been going on!

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                Things will get better