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Not for the Squeamish...Be Warned!

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  • Not for the Squeamish...Be Warned!

    We went to the Histology lab the other day and came out feeling fairly shell-shocked and looking very peaky.

    Why? Because we collected Himself's gallstone. You might remember I said that there were supposed to be four instead of one? Well, that was wrong, because Himself misheard what the surgeon had told him because he was heavily under the influence of anaesthetic.

    What she meant was that there was only one stone. However, that one stone is four centimetres long and it weighs almost 40 grams. The Histologist has sawn a bit off the end for testing or out of curiosity or whatever, so it's a bit shorter than it should be.

    Aparently, it's the biggest one ever removed at our hospital. Eeeyuck.

    Look.....if you dare!


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    thats made me eyes water
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      Ewwwwwww, looks like an avocado stone!!! No wonder he was in lots of pain!!!
      Jo x

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        Are you getting it polished and mounted in gold?

        It's huge and must have been very, very sore. I take it "Himself" must be feeling loads better having parted with it.

        Cheers Janice.


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          Ouch!! I'll bet he's glad that it's out!! I can only imagine what pain and discomfort he was in. How is the patient now?
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            Originally posted by Rodeo Lady View Post
            Are you getting it polished and mounted in gold?

            hehe I was going to say the doctor probably sawed a bit off to make it into a nice brooch or something.

            I hope Himself is all bet bets now.


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              It does look like an avocado stone, only not as round....or giant nutmegs, or a garden bulb.

              What you can't see because of my terrible photography skills, is it's sparkle. When it dries it really does sparkle, but I don't think we want to make pendants, or my idea of cufflinks out of slices of it. The idea crossed my mind when were told about the 'mulberry' gallstones that you can get, but this one didn't turn out to be that shape and it's just too gross.

              There have been lots of jokes. Himself can honestly say he's lost 3 stone (2 in weight, 1 gallstone) and stuff like that. The hospital were amazed and the Head of Histology has asked us to return it to him if/when we don't want it anymore because he'd like to keep it. Whatever floats your boat......

              The patient doesn't look like someone who was very sick three weeks ago, and out of hospital a fortnight. He is completely back to normal, the wounds are almost invisible, apart from the one they made to remove the gall-boulder which is a thin purple line. He's still got spectacular yellow bruising though. I am immensely proud of his recovery, he's done good!

              Himself can now eat anything he likes but we're going to stick to the healthy eating. It's done us both good in lots of ways, and we do feel better and lighter.

              If anything, this was a good kick up the behind to wake us up to what we were doing to ourselves. We aren't going to get all 'holier than thou' over it, but we are going to be more careful from now on.

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                Wow, that's massive. Great to hear he's making such a good recovery.

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                  Big well done to himself for cultivating such a fine specimine (sp?)!!


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                    Ewwwwwwwwww!! it looks like something that i just saw in my girls nappy.

                    Glad he's made a speedy recovery.
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                      Well I have to say that's also the biggest I've ever seen (and I've seen a fair few!
                      Now as for its future.... I'm sure if it was polished that Peter could mount it in some russian bead work!
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                        Of Course!!!......

                        Originally posted by beadsbydesign View Post
                        Well I have to say that's also the biggest I've ever seen (and I've seen a fair few!
                        Now as for its future.... I'm sure if it was polished that Peter could mount it in some russian bead work!

                        Why didn't I think of that? Russian beadwork....we could enamel it to make it look like a Faberge egg!

                        Ta Da!!!!!!

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                          Good got that's huge there was no way that was going to get passed out his system naturally then!!! hehe.



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                            Flippin' 'eck - that is a gallstone or six!

                            Glad he's without it now.