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^%%&^%*&^$ing LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sounds to me like bullying - and no-one should have to put up with that. We're all here standing shoulder to shoulder behind you, in a virtual sort of way. I really hope it gets better for you


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      Poor you. I have had this and I can tell you from experiance these "So called Boss's" bottle out when confronted. I used to work in a uniform service and believe you me it takes guts to face up to them.

      I was at the bottom of the heap so was always on the recieving end .

      DONT walk out. Take someone in with you as a witness if you need too But you have to stand your ground .

      When I had to do this my Boss said to me that he thought " I didn't have it in me to stand up for myself "

      P.S I will come down with Lisa ( Have you ever seen two Glaswegians ANGRY.......) Lots of Huge Big Hugs Janice.


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        Excellent, a clan of crafters, I like the sound of it.

        I was given a 2 hour lunch break(my lady boss is here and saw me cry, she's always here when someone makes me cry).

        I have decided to go for the 'ok', 'yep', 'fine', 'whatever you say boss' route,hopefully thatl wind my boss up and he cant have a go as Im not argueing.

        Actually the end of the conversation that made me cry he just kept laying into me and at the end i said 'Ok fine, its all my fault', he said 'right' and I put the phone down.
        How I didnt call him the C word il never know.

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          Oh what did the lady boss say? Put it all in writing and say that your not happy with the out come and you want something put in place so that in the future you can't be blamed.
          Ie: a record book that you wright in when a job has been alocated . Wright when who and how they were told . If told by phone back it up with a text message keeping record of the text at least till the time the job done.

          If it in writing it's official and they have to take notice. Doing the B^%king over the Phone was a cop out .
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            Its all on a calldesk system.
            My boss tried to tell me I allocated the call 2 hours after it came in, in actual fact the times on the calldesk say 7 minutes(hoo f***ing rah).
            The rest is all 'he said she said',he wont believe me over a top boss.
            Ive even come to think that my top boss that told me who to give the call to even said 'is so and so going there?' and i replied 'yep, in the morning'.
            But sadly thats not set in stone in my head so cant bring it up.

            Believe me if I had to make a record of of all the f*** ups in this place id be constantly writing.
            I even thought over lunch I should tape every conversation.


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              Seahorse are you O.K now ?

              I had swicthed the comp. off . But was really angry on you behalf . Hate bullies . (Big Time)

              You should start to keep a record when things like this happen.

              You are so nice why is it they always pick on the good guys?

              Because............they dont have the guts to pick on the ones who answer back or would thump them!!!!

              Chin up.

              A clan of crafters can be summoned at you behest. ( Think of the damage
              that could be done. (Knitting needles/pins/ horseshoes/hot candle wax/soldering irons )

              Hugs Janice.


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                Aww, thank you.Im liking this idea of warrior crafters!!

                Annoyingly my boss is also a friend who Ive known for years,I feel bad sl*gging him off.My friend that I confide in is also a friend of all of ours so I have to watch what I say to her as Im basicaly sl*gging off her friend.

                But to you guys, I can say annnyythiiiiing!!Phew.

                Im feeling a bit better.Had to pretend to not be teary when i went home for lunch as parents were in, dont feel lik explaining it all to them.

                Basically Ive realised I cant take my boss seriously.
                He was meant to go to a social event last night but couldnt as he had to work(despite the fact 2 other people could have gone)so he probably got it in the ear form the company AND his wife and decided to take it out on me.

                He isnt even prepared to give me the benefit of the doubt.

                My top bosses forget everything so I cant believe them when the one I told says he knew nothing about it!!
                One of them was meant to do a call in Swansea yesterday, he didnt even leave the office and today he is hungover.
                Great way to run a business ay!!Shall we all just forget our customers and do what we want instead.

                Oh and the boss that laid into me is the son of one of my top bosses.


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                  Big hugs Seahorse!!!

                  I agree that your boss is a to**er.

                  No one should ever be spoken to in a manner that reduces them to tears, especially in the workplace - it's straight out bullying, regardless of what mistake you may or most likely may not have made. At the end of the day, we are all human, and humans are notorious for making mistakes, it's not the end of the world. He has no right to speak to you the way it sounds like he did.

                  Personally, I'd be making a complaint about the boss that shouted at you. People have taken constructive dismissal cases against employers for less. And unless he has absolute proof that you made a mistake, he really doesn't have a leg to stand on.

                  Chin up
                  Carol x
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                    Now Ive calmed down a bit im willing to take about 1% of the blame.

                    What annoys me is that I have been treated differently to how the other person was treated.

                    My boss does have this power thing.If I argue back he will take any route necessary to make sure he is right even if it means making sh*t up.He really has to show that he is the boss.
                    Personnally I think shouting doesnt make that person a boss.

                    If it was 100% my fault then fine il take the blame but he kept pushing as tho he was trying to shape it into my fault.

                    I had little respect for this place and the people in it before this morning, I have even less now.
                    They are nice people but as far as organisation goes its a joke.

                    I wouldnt mind if they acted as tho they gave a f*** about what goes on here but they all leave things hoping someone else will do it.Unbef***ingleavable.
                    So now my attitude is, if they(the owners) dont care, why should I.

                    Sorry for my potty mouth.


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                      Go home tonight and ~ calmly ~ write down what was said to you and how you replied, etc. Do not use any emotional inflectives such as "this made me feel..." you are just recording what happened. As long as you have not put any emotion into it, they cannot say anything as it is your version of events.

                      Then put into words what you think has actually happened with the co*k up situation and then hand it to your boss and say you would like a copy to be kept on your personnel file. Keep a copy yourself. That way, if it does ever go further up, or escalate, you have a dated record as to what has been said etc.

                      I once had something similar (when I actually worked for a living) and did just that. Nothing ever came of it, but it gave me peace of mind knowing it was officially on file etc.
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                        Sadly I cant really recall exactly what was said as my head was in a tizzy.
                        I do see your point but this company isnt a proper company.I dont think they do things accordingly, its mostly talk, no action.

                        Im probably being arrogant here but re the verbal warning, Im assuming he will forget,like so many other things are forgotton around here.

                        If I receive a verbal warning then EVERYBODY that works here deserves more than one!!

                        Im gona look in my file in a few days and see if anythings in there.


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                          Aggghhhh! How did I miss this thread!!

                          This is not on Seahorse. Take the advice of writing it down - i did all the employment law stuff - and also any other instances you can remember. Keep a log of it and then if the brown stuff hits the fan then you can claim constructive and unfair dismissal. Try looking on for help and advice.

                          But make sure you try and get it sorted anyway with someone in authority. because then if it really does get all smelly then they are really in the wrong by ignoring your pleas.

                          Good luck and I hope you have a hangover tommorow (that is meant in the best possible way!!)


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                            Oh no What a sh**ty thing to have had happen. I can come down with rice filled chickens to chuck at your boss if that will help??
                            Big hugs to you
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                              Ever think of looking for a new job??Seriously.. life is toooo short to have to put up with a88 h8les like that for 9 hours a day.But before you go, make sure you tell them their fortune,,,,


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                                I know it's been said before, but - now that you've had a bit of time to calm down a little bit (I hope), write down your version of what happened.

                                Make a note of when the call came in, make a note of what you did with it, who you talked to about it etc. Even if you can't remember exactly what was said, make a note that says something like "Think that I discussed this with X, but don't recall the exact words". Make your notes as thorough as you can - sure as anything, if you need them at any point, you will have better notes than anyone else involved.

                                If your boss rings you to complain again, then tell him firmly but politely that you don't feel that this is something that should be discussed over the phone, and ask for a time slot to discuss it face-to-face. If he refuses, then make a note in your list of discussions that you asked for a meeting in person but it was refused. If he has a new issue, then make another note about it, but again refuse to discuss it over the phone - you need to talk about it in person with him.

                                If anyone mentions anything about it, make a note about it in your book. Make a note of who said what, when, and anything that you remember about it.

                                I know it's easier said than done, but try not to get emotional about it - if he is still complaining about it, make a note of anything new that he's trying to add to it. Try not to be drawn into an argument - whatever happens, you are incredibly unlikely to win this one.

                                Hopefully it's a one off - if it turns out that it isn't, you'll need your notes for future reference.

                                It's never too late to gyrate!