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    Ok I know it's a boring topic but I'm after recommendations here please. My mum has kindly offered to help us out with buying a Washer/Dryer as we are limited on space - plus our current washing machine leaks lots and doesn't clean particularly well and our tumble dryer I no longer dare to use due to the burning smells it emits

    I was reading the customer reviews on the Currys website and they all seem to contridict each other, plus I'm not sure how intelligent the reviewers are as some were obviously talking about a different machine to the one they were reviewing and one was even talking about a dishwasher!

    Looking not to spend more the £400 ideally so if anyone has one they think is great (or rubbish) please can you let me know.
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    Just got this off which magazine for you. These are the best buys. (according to them.... not me.... I have seperates!....) usually you can shop around and get the prices a lot lower!)

    It's funny coz DH and I were debating last night whether to finish our which subscription!
    Miele WT2670
    • Price: £1,000
    • Score: 67%
    • Type: Freestanding

    Although expensive this Best Buy Miele washer-dryer is as good at washing as a Best Buy washing machine and it dries quickly and effectively too.
    This machine is at the lower end of the drum capacity range, holding 5kg for a wash and only 2.5 kg for drying. The overall performance for washing is good, and the variable 1600 rpm spin cycle is very efficient. However rinsing is poor.

    AEG-Electrolux L16830
    • Price: £480
    • Score: 65%
    • Type: Freestanding

    Good performance, lots of useful features and good brand reliability makes this one of our top choice washer-dryers.
    This machine washes quickly and well, spins effectively and has lower than average running costs. Rinsing is very poor but you can choose an extra rinse option.

    John Lewis JLWD1408
    • Price: £499
    • Score: 62%
    • Type: Freestanding

    This washer-dryer comes with an unusually long 3-year guarantee which, coupled with its big capacity and good washing and drying ability, makes it a worthy Best Buy.
    The maximum spin speed is slightly lower than our other Best Buys, and it leaves clothes slightly damper.
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      I've got a Hotpoint Aquarius 1100 and (fingers crossed) think it's really good. I don't think it was too expensive, around £300 I think although I've had it 8 years and can't really remember.
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        Miele WT2670
        • Price: £1,000
        The overall performance for washing is good, and the variable 1600 rpm spin cycle is very efficient. However rinsing is poor. [/quote=beadsbydesign;52318]

        Blimey at that price I'd want it to fold my clothes and put them away too!!!

        Thanks for the info BBD we used to subscribe to Which? but cancelled the sub a few years ago. And who'd have thought John Lewis do their own washing dryers?

        Off now to investigate those and the Hotpoint (thanks Littlesnuggler) a bit further but I'd appy to hear any other opinions too (although quite suprised anyone replied tbh).
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          Before the flooding this summer I had an Indesit - sorry can't remember the model number - which was probably in the price range you are looking at. However, I never really got to grips with it and I don't think you could do a drying programme without doing a wash as well which was a bit of a pain. It didn't take a huge load, but that didn't matter to me as there are only two of us.

          I've replaced it with an LG WD 12316RD which, although more expensive (around £650 I think) is much nicer to use and I am very happy with it. It's got a 4kg/8kg capacity, is more flexible on programmes - variable temperature, variable spin speed etc, and although it brings up the details for the various prgrammes you can manually change them if you wish. Also it is a lot quieter than the previous one.

          Mind you after six weeks without a washing machine I'd have been happy with anything that saved me time and effort!!



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            I have had a Bosch in the past and got really good washing results. Combination W/D can only dry a half load of washing because the drums are smaller. so of you put a full load of clothes on you have to take out some before you dry. So check out the drum capicity.

            I hope you can wait to the sales start as electrical shops normally have W/dryers as loss leaders in their sale !!

            Every shop has different manufactuers that they get them from so at least you should get a choice.

            Cheers Janice