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There's a hole outside my gate!

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  • There's a hole outside my gate!

    yesterday afternoon I went up to the school to pick up Eden and by the time I came back there was a huge hole outside my gate surrounded by barriers and no one in site. I am presuming that it is for cleaning the water pipes. (the waterboard are going to be firing air and flint chips down them to clean them) We'll have no water between 9am and 9pm. No heating, no flushing loos!
    It would have been nice though to be warned about this great big gaping hole! They have left a gap for the car to squeeze through but I don't think I'll try!
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    How long do you think it will take them to finish? Nightmare without water and heating had no not water and heating for a week when the boiler broke down - but even worse not having water. We used to fill a bath with cold water and use it for boiling kettles when the water board switched the water off.

    Hope it doesn't take them too long.


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      That is dangerous. What about if you had a really young child and needed to sort out water before it went off?

      I had it happen when Jacob was about 4 months old and I used a lot of long words to the waterboard venting my anger. It worked though and we were back on in an hour or so!


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        When they changed the pipes here they provided us with bottled water.

        Did what Lisa did and filled the bath and just about everything else for water for the loo/ washing etc.

        Did they not tell how long it would be for ?