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  • Ashes to ashes

    A relative of mine would like to throw his fathers ashes off Tower Bridge.
    Does anybody know how to go about doing this, can he just go ahead and do it or does he need to get permission from someone?

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    Just emailed Tower Bridge, I hope they dont think Im a nutter.

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      Don't think ashes can be just thrown anywhere these days due to the 'health act'.....or something on those lines.

      When my dad died last year his first wish was for his ashed to be scattered in Liverpool football club......but after finding out they only did it on certain days, you had to have a party of at least 20 people, and there as a tiny plot where all ashed were spread - plus we found out the stadium was due to be pulled down and new one rebuilt elsewhere..we decided to go with his second wish, which was the mersey river.

      Had to get permission even to do this! This also had rules and regulations as to when and where we go scatter them.

      Something like London Bridge, well I'm not sure as being high up the wind would catch the ashes and they could land anywhere!

      Hope you get an answer from the bridge and they let him...or at least into the river near the bridge!

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        Thanks, il let you know of any reply.

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          Or it could be 'accidental' if the answer isn't helpful


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            Accidents Happen.....

   TipTop said.

            My nan died three years ago, aged almost 94. However, my grandad died fighting in Egypt in 1942, and he's buried in a military cemetery at El Alamein.

            My mum was 7 when her dad was killed so she never really knew him. Anyhoo, my point is this; my nan & grandad were never reunited which upset my mum terribly. Up until last year my parents lived in Cyprus and before they came back they went on a trip to Egypt to visit the cememtery. Sneaky beakily, my mum had removed some of my nan's ashes from the casket prior to their interment at our local crem (2 months after the cremation), and she sneaked those ashes into Egypt and buried them deep in the sandy soil on my grandad's grave.

            All this had to be done in a very underhand way, because the rules & regs were just unbelievably complicated, Heaven knows why, but they were. My Mum wasn't happy but she was determined they should be together at the end.

            So, if all else fails I hear that Tower Bridge on a still night is absolutely beautiful......

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              What a lovely story.Silly that rules should get in the way.

              Tower Bridge said it probably wont be doable form the bridge as people will be travelling underneath it so they advisied me to check with the environemntal agency.
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                Jules, I have to say I love the idea of a surupticious night time visit. After all, they can't ask you to go and collect them after can they!!
                The press would have a field day with it if someone was caught doing it so they'd probably get away with it!
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