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  • Jules

    has anyone heard how things are going with her other half and whether she's got him home yet?
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.

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    She was on at 10am this morning..

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      There is another thread where she says that he's in / having the op but I think thats the most up todate news we have.....

      Maybe she'll get chance later tonight?


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        I hope everything is OK too (and being in a similar situation at present I can only imagine she may also be spending alot of time 'nursing' & dishing out TLC to the patient too which means little time for much else).


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          He's Home...

          ......and doing very well.

          Himself came home on Tuesday afternoon, and he's being getting steadily better and better every day. His appetite is returning and we've been out for two short walks today as cabin fever was setting in.

          I have to say that for me it's been a horrible week. I'm doing my utmost to make sure everything's perfect for Him,self, but as he's in pain, a bit grumpy and still reeling from the effects of the general anaesthetic and the shock of surgery, he's not been the easiest person to live with. The hyper-critical comments have reduced me to tears a few times, but we're getting there...slowly.

          As I said, every day is better than the last! So I'm really looking forward to this time next week when he should be back to normal where most things are concerned. I think the past 7 weeks are catching up with me all at once, and I am totally exhausted. I'm planning a short break for the two of us at the end of November - it would be great to get away for his b/day on Nov 10th, but I don't think that's going to happen. It's too soon.

          Thank you for all your good wishes, it's really lovely to know people are concerned about us.

          Jules & Gary
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            Thats great news Jules that he's now home and on the mend! You must be so glad that the operation is now over and done with and things can only get better (as the song says) from now on.

            I truly sympathise with you regarding 'nursing' as Wyatt had triple-by pass surgery last December and I actually lost 10lbs while looking after him! (soon found it again though ).

            When he got to the point that he could do simple things it made life a lot easier.

            Yes, a break would no doubt do you both the world of good and you need to grap the rest where you can, and while you can!

            Nice to see you back!! Take good care of yourself.

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              Glad he is on the mend im sure things well be back to normal very soon

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                So glad to hear he is home and on the way to recovery Jules, hope things return to normal for you soon, a break sounds just what you both need, take care of yourself too.
                Jo x

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                  something to look forward to! Good for you!

                  It's great news that he's making improvements.
                  full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                    Great news that he is on the mend
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                      Very good news indeed!

                      You'll know when he really is getting better (and you don't feel under pressure too much) when you tell him all the mad things he said whilst drugged up!

                      I had a great time reminding my mum that she was completely off her rocker when she thought that giant bees were going to get her (someone vacuming outside her room!) hehehehe!!


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                        I'm really pleased to hear that he is home and making good progress.

                        It is very hard on the carers when people are ill, so mind you take care of yourself as well. I think the idea of a short break away for the two of you is excellent and will be of great benefit.



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                          Funnily Enough....

                          Originally posted by Tip Top View Post
                          Very good news indeed!

                          You'll know when he really is getting better (and you don't feel under pressure too much) when you tell him all the mad things he said whilst drugged up!
                          I know just how out of it he was because he said (and he still denies saying) our DD's boyfriend could drive our new car to come and collect him from hospital last week! We like Oli a lot, but it took the poor lad 10 attempts to pass his test and Himself was very anxious the first few times he took Pip out with him in his car.

                          Yes indeedy, he was well out it!

                          Great steps have been made on the road to recovery today. Himself was back behind the wheel!! I was not for this, as I think it's too soon. But we just nipped out to get milk so he didn't over do things. It's only about a mile there and back.

                          I'm just going to google about post-operative pain though, as he had some very sharp deep abdominal pain this evening and was greatly worried about the clip on the gallbladder stump coming off (as it was put on whilst the stump was still inflamed, this can happen when it shrinks back to normal size after the op). I'm sure it's all fine, but I'm worried he's doing too much too fast.

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