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  • chrimbo shopping

    hello everyone not long to xmas so thought we could all have a moan on hear

    thought id better start shopping for xmas as all my children keep remimding me not long now mum

    panicking got nothing yet !

    anyone else started christmas shopping?

    or are you all orgnised this year?

    Love Chaze2k7 xx

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    Nope havent started either! I have pledged that everything will be handmade by either me or someone else, I always leave it until the last minute!
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      I bought a huge box of choccies from Thorntons yesterday.. they are doing a special offer the box is usually nearly 12.00 but it's half price!!
      I bought two, a christmas one and a mint selection one which i'm giving to my granny for her bday.
      They are a bargain go get em!!!
      Apart from that i've got a couple of things put away that i've got in the sales through the year (yes i'm one of them!)
      I love christmas!!!!!!
      I cannie wait!!!!!


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        I have bought one present which is a crafty thing for my Mom..that's it! I always leave things to the last min but I haven't even any ideas this year.. Oh dear.
        Anice xx
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          No a thing - you think that is bad my son is 15 on 1st November and I haven't got a thing for him either (only a week to go tons of time!!!! Gulp). He wanted a membership for our local health club - got a price £396 - no chance so sony dearest has to have a big rethink. I have got something reserved for his computer at argos and am going to pick it up after work. Not going to say what it is because No.1 son has very prying eyes if you know what I mean.



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            I have birthdays and Christmas to buy for this time of year... VERY organised as I only have about 3 or 4 more things to buy (2 lots of chocs, a book and a binary clock!). Must get wrapping, hubbies birthday in a week and I have to find a time to do it when he's not in the house!!!!

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              I've done the pledge too and I've virtually done all Christmas shopping and all bought from people on this forum!

              But think I'll be sending shop bought cards as can't keep up with orders let alone make ones for me!!


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                I love xmas shopping...but in december! I hate how it starts so early, although i'm becoming one of those early shoppers this year! My little brother and sister have already given me a list of the things they would like! not to mention all the stuff my 3 year old son wants! I've decided this year to get them a present each and paint them a picture too!

                For me the best part of xmas shopping is coming home and having a nice glass (or few) of mulled wine! Tescos do a nice bottle

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                  thank for all your post
                  Love Chaze2k7 xx


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                    I've been thinking about it to lately. All the mid year sales are starting here at the moment. So I'll start putting things on layby where they can keep them till christmas eve. It makes it so much easier with prying little eyes around.