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Strictly come dancing!

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  • Strictly come dancing!

    My pal went to SCD recordings on saturday.
    She's just emailed me ...with photos!!
    her mum is pictured with Vincent and Anton and my pal is with Alesha!!

    Anybody else watching SCD?
    Im glad Stephanie went out.I thought she was great until she said 'thank you for ending my misery'.

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    I LOVE Stictly Come Dancing and am so glad it's back on TV. We were out during the results show so missed it but as soon as we got to John's friends house I grabbed the remote to check on teletext who'd been kicked out - I don't care how naff everyone else thinks it is

    Think I'm glad Stephanie is out too as she didn't seem to be 'into' it as much as the others.
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      I LOVE it!!! I soooo want to be there on the floor being twirled around in those frocks...
      Have you seen on UKTV Gold (now changed the name to 'dave' for some reason) they are running the american version with Mel B on and Jane Seymore, that's worth a look..

      AND next Wed night on UK Living there's a new show based at the location where Dirty Dancing was filmed to find the best 'dirty dancing' couple (to play the lead in the broadway show i think)
      It looks FAB ... but it's on at the same time as Heroes on BBC2, thank goodness for Living plus 1 that's all i can say...

      oooo all these good dancing shows, think my hubbie will be spending a lot of nights in the garage....