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Getting a rescue dog...reserved her today

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  • Getting a rescue dog...reserved her today

    Just so excited...we reserves a dog today at the RSPCA rehoming centre in Liverpool. She is a 10 month old white staffy cross and is gorgeous. We should have her home with us in about a week.

    It wasn't something we planned to do really but our dog passed away very suddenly a few weeks ago and we miss her terribly. The house is so empty without her. We were going to wait until the summer but then we realised we couldn't wait that long.

    She will never replace our border collie but should bring loads of fun and company and have a long happy life with us.

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    Congrats on your forthcoming addition...


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      How wonderful! I am happy for you - I understand your feelings of loss. My elderly Cocker Spaniel, Hunter, died the day before Thanksgiving and I still burst into tears every so often. BUT, we have four other dogs so it's not loneliness, it's just heartbreak.

      Congratulations - and have fun picking out a name! Your Border Collie is happy, I'm sure, that you are spreading your love to another dog.

      Merry Christmas!!


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        Congratulations, I hope your new addition soon settles in and you all have many happy years together.

        One of our cats had to be put to sleep at the end of October and, despite the other two still being around and creating havoc, we still miss her and expect her little face to pop up from a chair or corner somewhere.



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          How exciting....We've had our rescue dog 7 years now and couldn't love him more, although he has his issues and it hasn't always been easy I wouldn't swap him for the world.
          Hope your new addition settles in well, put up a picture when you get her.


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            Well done for getting a rescue dog. Have loads of fun & don't forget the pictures.
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              How wonderful - I had two rescue dogs when I lived in Scotland and several rescue cats - of which I still have two. I hope you are all happy together.



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                how wonderful, so pleased to here you have given such a deserving dog a home.

                I went from 5 dogs to 2 in the space of a year, it was so quiet we adopted another rescue dog, its not quiet now!

                Look forward to the pics.
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                  That's wonderful, so many Staffies don't get rehomed so well done you.

                  Hope she settles in a treat.