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  • Nice/Unusual Digital Photo Frame?

    I want to get my mum a digital photo frame for christmas but she doesnt like modern stuff, it's too boring, and bland and it doesnt fit in with our house. We have an old miners cottage and there are no magnolia walls in site! I want a digital one because she has so many photos she wants on display but no room to put all the frames she would need lol - lots of nic nacs!

    So basically I'm looking for a digital photo frame with, for examples, flowers on it, or a raised design or something, just more interestng than a plain, flat black or silver thing and certainly no see thru plastic.

    I thought seeing as this is a craft website, that you craft people may share my mums view about modern things and have an idea of where I could look for such a thing? I know ive left it incredible late, but actually its her 25th wedding anniversary in Jan and so it might b a better present for then with pics of me n my sis etc on it.

    I've checked all the usual places you would go for unusual gifts, not on the high street, etsy and a lot of similar sites to etsy. I have seen a few on mainstream websites but they are waaaaay out of my price range!

    Thanks to anyone that can think of anywhere!
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