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Warning - Never Give Your Ideas To Big Companies

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  • Warning - Never Give Your Ideas To Big Companies

    Hi there

    I am so peed off at the moment. I contacted a large business called Lemon Moon who supply schools with art stuff. I noticed that they did not sell peg dolls and thought they may be interested in some of my ideas. Well low and behold they are now selling their own little kits.

    This really annoys me as they are a massive company and could have networked with me, but no they are too damn greedy.

    The only good thing is that there kits are naff, cheap and have no imagination!

    This is a message to all Mum's that are starting out. Do not trust anyone and keep your ideas to yourself.

    Sharon x

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    Sorry to hear that they did this to you. It must be hard having ideas but worrying that if you put them forward they will pinch them. Fingers crossed they won't sell many
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      That is so infuriating!! My husband did a similar thing with Mars. He got in touch with them and suggested a dark chocolate version. He was point blank told nop there was no call for it. Lo and behold what do we have now - a dark chocolate version!!!!

      You will feel satisfied though know that your kits are far superior to the dross they will be selling.


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        The trick when suggesting ideas to the company is to send yourself a copy of the letter recorded delivery. Do not open it when it arrives, but sign for it.

        If they rip off your idea, you then have cast iron proof of when you suggested the idea to them in the first place.

        I used to do this a lot with code that I had written, so that I could always prove when I had done it to help in any copyright disputes.


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          During the many years I designed clothes i had an idea for a wrap type thing (it was very 80's, but then again it was the 80's)it was in my head for ages, I even made a felt version for my Sindy doll, then lo and behold what do I see on The Clothes show a couple of months later but my exact idea, even the same colours!!!

          Im glad the company version is crud, they wont put their heart and soul into it like you would Sharon.

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            I feel, on the whole, that their is far more integrity in in 'small business' rather than 'big business'. I know that I could never run a large company because I try to make judgements and decisions based on fairness, honesty etc. whilst big businesses seem all to be performance driven with PROFIT as their God. I'm not saying that we crafters don't want to earn a living but we don't want to do it at the expense of others.
            I am really sorry to hear about your awful experience, the only good side is that you are not in cahoots with an unscrupulous company and you can hold you head high!!

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              Don't give in to it ! You should contact them again and say that, since your last meeting, you noticed they have now introduced peg doll kits so you are glad you were able to help (!) and that you now wonder if they would like you to supply them with a quality handmade alternative to the ones they are currently stocking...

              They had the cheek ... now its your turn



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                Sorry to hear about that, shame. I designed knitwear too. Sent the finished product and pattern to them and havent heard a peep since!! emailed few times, nothing.
                In a way it prooves though that your designs are superb and popular...start again and show them that yours does sell and is good quality.
                Good luck


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                  sorry to hear this thats awfull
                  thanks for the tip had a quick look at what other people have said and agree with post idea

                  i have been looking up on the net about copy right and if you post your ideas to your self it is so true that its proof that you designed it first

                  you can also put the © symbol on your items or on your web site it acts as a deterant to back people off and to warn them i make cards and it works for me as copy wright can be so exspensive i would be anoyed to if some one else pinched my idea

                  any way cheer up look at it this way you had the idea and design first
                  Love Chaze2k7 xx


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                    I truly hate big businesses! Sorry they stole your idea. It obviously goes to show they thought you were onto a winner!

                    I am attemoting to start up a business with some friends.We have alot of funky ideas and we feel very protective them! we try not to discuss it around people too It's like it's our baby and we don't want people to interfere!

                    GL in the future tho!

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