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  • and breathe...... there that's better!

    Last week you may have noticed, I was not really posting a lot. Zapped a couple of chinese spammers but not a lot else. I cannot believe how much I squeezed into one week. Saturday before last I had the farmers market and at the last minute I decided to take all the bridal favours to the market to finish. 200 candles, organza bags and labels came with me . Can't think how I would have managed to fit them in otherwise.
    That afternoon I had to go and fetch an elderly lady home from hospital following her hip replacement. She is not an easy person to deal with. She is very lonely and consequently she tries to keep you there as long as possible. I have been going in for the last week helping her downstairs. sorting out her stockings (you know the tight white throblitic deterent stockings) getting her breakfast and setting her up for the day. I then go back to put her to bed at night. She tries to delay everything and is so very bitter about everyone and everything.
    I send Joe down with her tea so that I don't get stuck.
    My sister got married on saturday down in London and last sunday my mum and my auntie said to me that they both wanted jewellery making for the wedding and my auntie wanted me to sort out her fascinator. Add to that the fact that I had to keep up with the bead shop orders, do the jewellery orders from the market. teach some classes, see a couple of brides, finish my sisters bridesmaid stuff off and a tiara order for saturday, my stuff was rathert last minute. I hgad to put in a zip in my outfit, make my jewellery and make myself a handbag.
    Well by friday night I was exausted. went to bed about midnight having sewn swarovskis all over the handbag.
    Got up on Saturday and set off down to london at 7.30am. We had bought a tomtom so that we could get there in one piece. drove through thick fog and arrived at my aunties hotel room to change at 11am. everything was going well and to plan. got changed and sat in the foyer for a bit before setting off to the church. Tomtom got us to the church. found a parking space and went in only to see Ollie going through his music with his jeans and t shirt on. nearly had a fit imagining all sorts of possibilities as to why he wasn't wearing his outfit. Luckily it was ou the back and he got himself changed. The wedding was supposed to start at 2 but by 20 past my mum, the bridesmaids and the bride were all missing. It turned out that mum had forgotton her hat and the limo had to go round in a circle to go back to fetch it coz it couln't turn ion the road.
    Anyway it was a lovely wedding. Ollie sang you raise me up and played some fiocco on his violin and made everyone cry.
    after the wedding they took photos and then we went to the car to travel to the reception. My brother had arranged to follow us. so Tomtom out and we plotted in the name of the street we wanted to go to. we didn't have a post code and couldn't believe that the tomtom produced several pages of the same street name. we had no idea which one it could be. everyones phones were switched off still. so eventually an hour and a half later we arrived. very very stressed. How embarrasing for us all to walk in as everyone else was tuckig into the main course.
    Well the rest of it all went well. Had a great time.
    Came back up that night and arrived back at home at 2am. WEnt straight to bed. Was woken in the morning by the telephone ringing at 8am. It was the old lady down the road saying I've had an awful night. I can't get dressed and I think I've hurt my hip. I went down and she is sitting up in bed. I am certain it's just a muscle strain, nut have to wait while she phones the hospital who realitterate what I've just said. She kept me there 3 hours. Chris is doing his nut back home!
    I had got her confident last week and had forced her to become more independant so that I could gradually back off over this coming week, but she now says she can't go up and down stairs on her own coz she frightened. funny that because when I left a plate on the table last night it was away in the cupboard this morning because I couldn't be bothered to put it away last night!
    I shall have to set her a trap I think!
    I am now going to make up for last weeks lack of postings!
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.

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    Wow you did have a busy week but it sounded like fun (besides the little old Hope you manage to catch up and find a few minutes to take a well earned break.
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      Well I think you deserve a rest - that old lady sounds a right handful but I agree with you set up a trap and see just how much she can do!!!

      Try and have a little relax now.



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        You are a saint doing that for the old lady... i was a carer for 15 years so i know how they can be.. but it's hard when you get to that age and have no one..
        Does she have any family?
        You really should get some outside help... try ringing your local Crossroads, Age Concern etc... they may be able to give you some repite as it sounds like her care has fallen on you..
        Of course theylady wll probably refuse.. but that's cos she thinks you will do it.. you could try telling her you are too busy for a week.. just to get her to accept some help temporariy... then who knows she my like it..


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          Well I should have gotten myself a coffee before I sat to read your 'weekly' newletter <winks>.

          I did enjoy reading it and you certainly have had your work cut out for you this week!

          Take my hat of to you for caring for the little old lady - and she is, I think, giving you the run around LOL... you know when they get to a certain age, they truly believe the worlds owes them something and hey ho, we will be there one day, god willing! Just hope that I'm not a moaning old biddy by then (some would say I am now....cheeky or wot?> LOL.

          You need a kind of peaceful week this week and now that you have let us know, you are going to have to keep us updated on little lady!

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            I did wonder where you were last week but I remembered that it was your sisters wedding and thought you might be busy for that! Did your sister like the necklace? I think my week this week is going to turn out like your week!
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              One week!!!!??????? That's enough to fit into four weeks - without having time to breathe!

              Well done you for surviving it and I hope you have a much more peaceful week this week.


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                That is A week!!

                I shan't complain when I'm busy!