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What are your other hobbies?

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  • What are your other hobbies?

    I breed and show guinea pigs - just wondering what other people get up to on here when they're not making lovely things?

    Here's a picture of one of the babies born here this year.......

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    and one that was just born on Friday, he's called Berkley


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      They are so cute! I've a feeling the albino's picture will be downloaded a few times!


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        Aahhh..they are so cute! Great pictures!

        Other hobbies? I hardly have time to craft with work and being on forums and blogs! I don't do anything else except eat..which I am rather too good at

        Thanks for sharing the pictures!
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          They are adorable, what else do I do in my spare time, no other hobbies as such as cake topping takes up most of my time, when Im not making them im shopping for clay or looking at other peoples sites. I love food! Cooking is something I like to do
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            They are so cute. I don't have much time for my card making hobby let alone any others but i suppose you could say my blog, website and forums are a sort of hobby.
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              I used to paint rocks - I may post a couple of pictures of some I did before if anybody is really interested! Also tried my hand at making jewerly and although I did make myself a matching necklace and earring set, and always said I would do more, sadly I've not got around to do anymore.

              Keeping up with my toppers used to be a hobby, but for the past 4 months since I lost my job, its been a way of paying the bills!

              One day, I will get back to painting rocks because I really enjoyed doing them!

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                How cute! I think they're both gorgeous.

                As for hobbies, like most of you I have very little time for anything, particularly at the moment, but my username says nearly all of it. The great love of my life is dancing, but I also love using the fruits of the hedgerow to make preserves - chutneys, mustards, jellies, cordials etc. There's something really satisfying about rows of gleaming glass jars full of edibles. Hate cooking though and only do it because I need to eat!


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                  I love reading but don't get much chance to do it at the moment. I also love charity shopping and car boot sales but as I use lots of fabric in my items etc I can use the business as an excuse to go shopping! I used to paint too but don't have the time now - all the stuff is in the cellar though so I migth dig it out at some stage!
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                    Hi Naomi, they are absolutely georgeous.We used to have guinea pigs when the kids were small and hamsters and fish and birds and all sorts but alas no more. The picture remind me of when we had ours but now my kids are 17 and 20 so we dont have any pets at the moment and the only hobby i have time for is my crafting and cooking or baking only I'm trying to diet and if I bake I eat so it doesnt happen very often


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                      you could always bake and send it over to me Pauline


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                        Originally posted by naomi View Post
                        you could always bake and send it over to me Pauline
                        Now theres a solution I could try I'd need to be supervised or you might end up with an empty box


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                          Awww very nice! There are guinea pigs at nursery and my youngest is facinated by them - can't own any pets cos I am very allergic!!

                          I work full time in a demanding job so I only really get time to craft at night or at weekends depending on time.... and I occassionally do some housework hehehe!

                          I love photography - black and white and normally do weddings but not done any this year as gotton a bit more into the crafting. I've also done paintings in the past but have been getting round to doing 2 for 4 years and not got anywhere with them!!

                          I think sleep is my other hobby!!


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                            They are lovely. I too work full time and craft every spare minute I get - which is quite a lot just now!!! I like reading too. I have fancied dabbling in other crafts but to be truthful I am too scared too because I don't have the time to get addicted to something else.



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                              I do tap dancing.... I was hoping to start harp lessons but the class was full so that hasn't happened.

                              I will have to dig my clarinet out and have a blow down that occassionally as well maybe.
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