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  • Phone Bills???

    Ok, i'd like to pick your brains....
    I have the distinct impression that i'm being diddled with the phone bill...
    I pay 52.00 a month by direct debit, which i now think is rather a lot after speaking to a couple of other people about house hold bills...(oh the exciting conversations i have!)
    So bearing in mind that there is only me and hubbie, no kids to tie up the phone for hours..(maybe the dog is having gossip sessions while we are out)! we don't really use the landline that much, as we both have mobiles, so hubbie mostly uses that and mine i use even more as it is paid for (perk of the job!)
    We are with bt, and have broad band which i guess is all in the bill..
    So what do you all pay? does it sound like a lot?
    We do usually accumulate some credit but over a period of time it's not like we are in credit every quarter, and i can't make head nor tail of the bill, all the flipping calling features service charges etc...

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    I pay about £18 a month by DD. With BT on the free national evening and weekend calls.

    I'm pretty sure our broadband is about £15 a month, but himself pays that.


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      It sounds a lot....

      I think ours is about £35 and we have broadband within that...


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        My house phone is £11 per month ish with talk talk. I also pay the extra £2 per month on top of my Orange 8meg broadband (£17.99) for unlimited calls to any number beginning with 01 or selected international. That means I get to phone the US anytime for free, and most UK numbers. Sounds like a sales pitch, but I did a lot of research before I got these!


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          Sorry I live above a pub and the pub company pays all the bills, (other half pub manager) so I wouldnt have a clue. Yours does sound a lot though, im sure my mum pays around 20 quid a month if that.
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            I'm with talk talk

            £11 line rental (i think)
            £8 call package which covers the cost of any calls i make
            £10 broadband - although i'm soon changing to orange and that will be free.

            Yours sounds very high to me and it also sounds like you have a few different call packages that are probably no use to you. I would give them a ring and ask them what package(s) your on and a breakdown of your bill. Bet you could half it by speaking to them.
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              we pay about £50'ish a month, and that includes free calls starting with 01 or 02, 25% less for mobile phones, plus broadband!

              All in all, I would say your is very high - even mine is high to be honest and we are in the process of switching.

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                Sounds quite high to me too. Mine's with the Post Office which gives free calls to other PO customers at all times and free UK calls to all standard UK numbers evenings and weekend and is about £20 per month dd. Line rental is cheaper than BT. 8meg Broadband from Madasafish is about £17 per month on top. I suggest you check out the website - There are numerous articles on there for reducing all your bills, including phones and broadband.


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                  Sounds quite high to me. We are with virgin and we have the 4 for £40 which includes the large TV package, unlimited weekend calls to landlines, broadband and orange mobile 300 free texts and 300 free minutes so we get all that for £40 so even if yours is just phone and broadband still think it is a bit high.



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                    I pay £50 a month with BT. That's the free weekend and evening calls, line rental, Broadband and a reduction on mobile calls. It always covers the cost of the few daytime calls made etc but now my girls aren't away at school there will be less calls to mobiles to pay for. I do end up in credit but I tend to prefer that. I'm sure if I did enough research it could all be got for less - just so many out there to have to look at, all with their various pros and cons!!


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                      Agghhh...Phone bills

                      ...Don't get me started.

                      We pay about £17.99 for our broadband, 5.99 for our phone calls which is free local and national calls all the time and numbers such as 0845 etc at a lower rate than BT. We also get very low rate international calls. Other numbers than those we pay on top and it's usually about £28 per month.

                      However, the bill was emailed to me by AOL today and I was a bit surprised that it was almost £40. I looked at the detailed bill to find loads of calls to this 0844 number, all made on Fri 7th Sept. Took me a while to recognise the number. It's our GP surgery. We got charged 11p per call for a call that tells you nobody can take your call as the receptionists are too busy, please phone back later.....I'm spitting, I can tell you.

                      And, on that day, after Himself was carted away in an ambulance the night before, he needed an emergency appt with the GP. I couldn't get through on the phone at all, so Himself drove over there under the influence of silly-pills to get an appointment!

                      The cheek of the beggars...making patients pay all that money for nothing. I'm going to complain. My sister was telling me that it was on our local news today, about GP charges extortionate rates for phoning them.

                      See? Don't get me started....

                      I'm off to bed.

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