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Songs that reflect your mood..

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  • Songs that reflect your mood..

    On my cd player this morning:

    Always look on the bright side of life
    Things can only get better

    What are you playing today hope you are in a better mood than me!!


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    Radio on today, and all they seem to be playing is Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, then more Rihanna. I'm sure there used to be other songs in the world!
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      I'm not feeling very well today, so I've got my heavy mix on to try and wake me up; Judas Priest, Faith No More, Metallica, Nirvana and the like.
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        Erpland by the Ozric Tentacles - because I am in a creative mode and that album certainly gets the creative juices flowing....

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          We fight til Death by Windsor for the Derby, favourite track being Melody of the Fallen Tree and Fleetwood Mac rumours


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            I just played Feelin' Alright by Joe Cocker, Mad Dogs and Englishmen, and Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac, on iTunes...


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              I've been listening toceltic fiddle stuff all day and a good dose of irish folk singing.
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                Always look on the Bright Side occurs too often in our house at the moment!
                Does help you try to get stuff in perspective - I do have a day job, I do have a day job, I do have a day job....
                No, it's not working - I wish I didn't have a day job!!!
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                  BBD do you listen to Alasdair Fraser? He is AWESOME!!

                  Sometimes he makes me cry, but listen to Brenda Stubbert's Reel ... toe tapping does not describe!

                  Have you ever heard of Needfire? Rock and Roll with bagpipes...try it!!
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                    Today has seen ( heard )

                    Set this Circus down by Tim Mcgraw.
                    Come on Over by Shania Twain, just because I found it lurking under my passanger seat.
                    Adele 21 because I think its the best album I have heard in years.
                    Nickleback 'cos I love to play it LOUD and I'm leaving work friday and just don't care what anyone else thinks LOL
                    Josh Grobans first CD cos when he sings in Italian it gives me goosebumps.

                    Not quite sure what that lot says about my mood though..............?

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                      I´m still quite shaken and shocked about the horrible killings in Norway. So today it´s Elton John and Candle in the wind.