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Raising awareness of Lupus

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  • Raising awareness of Lupus


    I have decided to try and raise awareness of lupus because I have been hearing stories from fellow "sufferers" of the struggle people still face to get a diagnosis. Most people I mention lupus to say what's that?

    What Is Lupus

    I wrote this poem which is about my battle with lupus.

    Nobody knows what it feels inside
    When I turn away my face to hide
    The pain and the suffering I go through
    Do you really have a clue?

    It's not just the battle with the disease
    It's the way people around me feel ill at ease
    As they think it is all in my head
    Even though some days I struggle out of my bed

    My rosy cheeks make me look so good
    But my insides feel like rotten wood
    Not knowing how to express myself
    Sometimes left feeling dangling from the shelf

    Some doctors smile with a glint in their eye
    Why wont you listen I just want to cry
    Something is going ever so wrong
    But you expect me to keep plodding along

    Inside it feels like that I am closing down
    I'm so scared I can do nothing but frown
    As those around tell me to pull myself together
    That's it I quit I've reached the end of my tether

    No strength left to fight my case
    Putting things in order just in case
    But with one call things move fast
    Looks like I'm getting somewhere at last

    The news isn't good need to be strong through the night
    The light is still flickering but isn't so bright
    As the dawn rises there is movement again
    I'm frightened, alone and feeling the strain

    Finally moved to the right place
    In and out pop face after face
    The doctor comes with some news
    Wanting to know some of my views

    But in the cold light of day the choice is stark
    Do you want kids is the question mark
    As the treatment you need will end your chance
    But without the treatment there is still is no chance

    So with hobsons choice I choose to fight
    Not fully understanding my current plight
    Just knowing that things have got change
    Missing my exams, got things to arrange

    In time I slowly start to make a recovery
    A world opened up, a new discovery
    But some things were to stay the same
    Where I get fed up of playing this lupus game

    When others don't understand the need for less stress
    They just seem to keep adding further distress
    Despite having been to the edge and back
    There are still some things I still lack

    But I will carry on and highlight my life
    Just hoping my story will aid someone's strife
    By raising awareness of the fight we face
    Get lupus known to the whole human race

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    My heart goes out to you darl.
    My Son's partner suffers from it, only getting relief when she's pregnant for some strange reason.
    She has just had twins when the last baby she had is only 18 months old. She now has five daughters. The Lupus has already got a grip of her grrrrr!!
    I am helping all I can, with 3 babies she needs me.
    Which is why I am not on here much lately.
    They will bump her up on steroids again now sob sob!
    I know what you mean about people saying what is Lupus. They just dont know how crippling it can be. (( HUGS ))

    Folksy shop