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    Has anyone got a microchip cat flap for their cat and have an opinion? We are going to have to buy one for Molly as other cats are coming in almost nightly again and eating her food (and even took a wander through her litter tray the other night - Molly doesn't use it but it's there for emergencies for her).

    We've tried locking Molly in but I end up having to get up in the middle of the night to let her out and we moved her food to just outside our bedroom door but the cat burglar still takes it.

    The only microchipped cat flaps I can find are quite small and Molly isn't exactly a tiny cat so I'm not 100% sure she'll fit and they're expensive to buy only to discover it's no use.
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    I did have an electronic/magnet flap years ago. It did work ok, but the cat needs to get really close for the mechanism to open, my cat was a bit stupid at times and couldn't work that out! The only problem we had was for some reason Lister used to get his collar spun round so the magnet would be at the back of his head, hence the flap wouldn't work lol.

    I must say though, this is several years ago and 'flap technology' is likely much improved!!

    In a nutshell, yes it kept other cats out, unfortunately it sometimes kept our cat out too!!

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      Thanks cj. We've looked at the magnetic cat flaps but Molly has a habit of losing her collar (she no longer wears one as she was getting through 2 or 3 a week!) so think we have no choice but to go with the microchipped ones where it recognises her microchip and only opens for her.
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        Ah right no collar required then See I knew flaps would have advanced lol! I don't have collars anymore after mine coming home with his front leg through it!!!
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          Like you my cat has her food pinched by at least two or three local cheeky cats to seem to think that if the doors open it's fair game as my cat just sit and watches them. I don't have a cat flap due to glass doors but my friend does and she swears by it. No more pinched food and the cats please themselves going in and out as when they like.

          Hope this helps.


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            When im not creating im a veterinary nurse, although I don't have personal experience of using the microchip catflaps I do know a fair few people that have & they come highly recommended! The magnet catflaps are ok but as people mention above they hav their faults too! Although the microchip catflaps are expensive they are worth it in the long run, I have'nt had any one complain about them & I now recommend them all the time to clients in the same position as yourself! As for size again not heard of anyone having problems with this but im sure if you go to your local stockist they would let you have a look at one to see how big the space is, to give you an idea!



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              I can't offer a first hand opinion, but we are also looking at getting one of these cat flaps for the very reason you are, so I am very interested in any replies of first hand experience.

              We have at least three neighbourhood feline "thugs" who have been entering our house, terrorising our three girls, spraying, and eating all the food in sight and beyond (even going as far as getting the lid off a tin and getting in there!).

              We lock the cat flap at night - doesn't stop one of the thugs trying to get in, but there's nothing we can do during the day time when we are both at work.



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                When we had a micro chip cat flap, not only did our cat entertain half the neighbourhood cats,
                but when we were burglary the theif used the cat flap to gain entry -
                I will not post on the forum how it is done, but the police did say it was quite common.

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