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  • My Poor Cat

    My 11 month old kitten George was involved in a hit and run in the early hours of sat morning, i found him sat night in the wasteland over the back of my garden. He has survived and is now being nursed at home with a broken pelvis, it's been a horrendous time praying that he would pull through. He is so much more than just a 'cat' to me, he is a huge part of our family and gives so much love and calm to me personally. My vet bill was £550 as he wasn't insured but i would happily have remortgaged my house if i
    had to just to pay to get him well ( don't get me wrong if he was in any pain i would have had him put to sleep). I have had a few negative comments about why i couldn't have just got a new cat?! Sadly some people just don't get it? The vet was concerned that he wouldn't regain bowel or bladder control, but he has about an hour ago and i have never been so happy that he has lol!!! All of my children cheered! i was so happy i cried xxx
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    Awww, sweet kitty. And sweet daughter! Sweet picture!!

    Poor George, I sure hope he will have a speedy and complete recovery! Yay for him to go potty!! =)


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      Having a pet is a responsibility and we all do what we can for them, I know we lost Barney our dog last year but for 2 years would not even want to add up the cost of medication and vets bills but as you said they are part of the family and you don't just get another like a tin of fruit. Thinking of you and keeping fingers crossed for a full recovery of George


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        Oh bless him, he is so cute. Wishing him a speedy recovery. x

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          Poor George. Hope he recovers very soon and is soon back to full health. Pets are more that just that to most people. I would move heaven and earth for my two dogs. Thye mean everything to me, but unfortunately some people just don't understand.

          I'm sure with your love and care he will soon be fighting fit!


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            Glad to hear he's home and on the mend now, I'm sure he'll heal quickly with lots of love and attention!

            I've had cats ever since I was about 2 years old and my house just wouldn't feel right without one now, I hate to think how much I've spent at the vets over the years but I would never think twice about paying it! I think some people just don't realise that cats are as much a part of the family as any other pet....I'm sure they wouldn't have made those comments if it had happened to a dog!


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              Your poor kittie, I hope that he gets better soon. Just a word of encouragement. I had a cat a number of years ago that was run over and had horrendous injuries - both hips dislocated, kidney bruising and abdominal wall injuries that required major surgery to be repaired. It was a long battle, she spent over a week in the vets but SHE RECOVERED!!! It tooks lots of expert care, TLC and gentle cuddles. So don't give up
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                Sending lots of extra cuddles to George and the whole family - he looks like a lovely cat and I am sure he is going to make a full recovery. Like Sarahbob, a friend's cat was involved in a vehicle accident many years ago with the most awful injuries but with lots of help from an emergency vet and heaps of love and cuddles and TLC, he made a full recovery (although he did lay on a limp to get sympathy every now and again but often limped on the wrong leg by mistake!!)

                Cats are such a huge part of the family, just like any pet but those people who don't have pets cannot be expected to understand how they affect us when they are unwell. Our two cats are so important to us that we would (and do) do anything to help them.

                Hope he gets better soon - lovely photo!
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                  Poor George, hope he continues to improve. That is my worst nightmare, we never let Molly out of the front door but she's quick to pop over the fence and make her own way towards the road if there's something interesting going on.

                  Very very cute picture by the way
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                    Poor George, however it sounds as though he'll recover and that's good news.

                    My cats are as much a part of my family as my chiildren. Little Solar has had recurring cystitis recently and so far I've spent about £600 on treatments for her, but don't begrudge a penny of it.

                    Good luck to you and lots of hugs from us.



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                      About 10 years ago my aunty took in a stray cat who was ran over a few days later, she had a shattered back, pelvis and back legs and the vet wanted to put her to sleep but my aunty found a spe******t orthopeadic vet who treated her, it took a long time and she was all pinned up and placed on a wheeled contraption but she got through it and is still with us and a lovely cat. The vet bill was over £4000 and I think my uncle still hasn't got over the shock of spending so much money on a stray lol
                      All the best to George and he will be okay xx


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                        Poor little George...How awful! I hope he will be allright. Broken pelvis is bad, but cats usually have 9 lifes (or so I hope). Good luck to you and get well to little George.
                        Pia from Sweden
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                          Poor George! And isn't he gorgeous!!!!! I do hope he's soon bouncing around and enjoying life to the full again.

                          I fully understand why you did what you did - and like others have said I would do exactly the same. One of our cats has only three legs (she came with just the three), but we understand that the injury was a car accident. Thing is, no one has told her she hasn't got four legs any more! The only thing she can't do now is jump up onto high surfaces - a chair seat or the bed are no problem for her.

                          Hugs to George and strengthening vibes to you.


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                            I am so sorry to hear your sad news. I like yourself am an animal lover, but I guess there are people out there who don't share the same devotion, care and love that the rest of us do. I do understand what you are going through as many years ago my wee yorkie was involved in an accident, like you I nursed her back to good health and now she is a lively 12 year old!

                            I wish your kitten a speedy recovery and at least he has a loving caring owner which does make all the difference.

                            Kind regards
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                              *Sending love and healing vibes to george* I was starting to worry I was getting too attached to the dog. I'm glad other people feel the same way about their pets, I feel less weird about it now.

                              That sounds creepy, lol! I meant it in a non-creepy way