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  • TalenTree - Uk Social Network for Talented People

    Hi all, just a quick post, no multi-board spamming, about my new site. May be of interest to some of you who would like a place to use for showcasing your work. Have a read below or check out today!

    What is TalenTree?
    TalenTree is the only UK Social Network for Talented People to come share themselves and their Talent whilst making connections with other Talented People or Talent Agencies.

    Why is it needed?
    We all know about Facebook, the worldwide social network where people so******e and share things from their everyday lives. You may also know about LinkedIn, a site which could be called "Facebook for Business". Unfortunately neither of these sites can be used effectively for marketing yourself and your talents, whatever they be.

    TalenTree to the Rescue
    This is where TalenTree comes in. TalenTree allows you to concentrate on building a profile based entirely around your passion, instead of around what you do for work or what you did at the weekend! This allows you to make connections with people you can collaborate with and maybe, just maybe, take your passion to the stars!

    Who can use it?
    Anyone and everyone is allowed to use TalenTree provided they are using it to promote their particular talent. Dancers, Singers, Musicians, Actors and Models are the typical people you would expect to find on here, but if you have a talent to share then you're welcome on TalenTree!

    Free Forever
    TalenTree is a Free Site and Fully Featured, allowing people to Upload Videos, Photos, Blog's and more, in order to share their talent with the world.

    So, start sharing your talent with the world and Sign-Up Today!

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    I tried to sign up but your site isn't working properly. I received the email and clicked to confirm, then filled in the details requested, but now Talentree says I don't exist.


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      Hi Claire

      I've just ran through the sign up process no problem, although my profile didn't show up at first until I clicked my account name at the top.

      Can I clarify, you successfully signed up and recieved a Welcome Email and can sign in with your details?

      If so, login to the site and add a picture or information about yourself and I'm sure it will appear for you.

      Any further problems you can email me [email protected] but it is all working


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        I received the welcome email, which I clicked and it took me to a form to fill in my information, which I did. Then it took me back to a log in page, and when I tried to log in it said I didn't exist!