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You know how some people don't like dogs?

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  • You know how some people don't like dogs?

    Well some people do. I just found out one of next door's kids has re-named all her soft toys after my dog, even though they have a real life dog of their own. Haha!

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    Aw that's really sweet!!
    Hayley x

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      All her toys have the same name? That's got to be confusing for them!
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        What's the name? Maybe she really likes the name. I named my bunnies after my friends at school when I was 8. My mum said it was really insulting but I thought it was the greatest compliment ever. Now of course if I meet someone and think 'I had a dog named ....' I see where mum was coming from!
        Terry xxx
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          Thats so cute! i'm defiantly a dog lover if that helps out number the haters :P
          ~Jo Southall~

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            It does *high five!*

            His name's Simba (previous owner's choice), but apparently she is quite obsessed with him and never stops talking about him, so her parents say. Whenever I've seen her with him she always seems quite indifferent, so who knows? Dunno why the parents would lie. Lol!




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              another dog lover here. my dog is called woody ( he to came with the name from the rescue centre) but children love the name because of toy story I think, how can anyone hate dogs , how can anyone hate any animal for that matter !!! :/


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                And now she wants her pic taken with him so she can show her playgroup. You don't think this is turning a bit single white female do you?