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New Warrington Arts Blog looking for Warrington Artists

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  • New Warrington Arts Blog looking for Warrington Artists

    Hi everyone,

    Presenting Warrington's very own Art Blog!!

    I figured we need one source to help us shout about all the great
    creative events and activities we have going on in Warrington.
    So with the help of a fantastic volunteer we have set up Warrington Arts

    So anything you may wish to add on to the blog whether its news of an
    event, exhibition, performances, workshop, society... just send it to- [email protected] with the word BLOG in the subject line and we will upload it for
    you. And include a JPeg image if possible.

    If we can get a lot of people referring to it when finding out what's
    going on in Warrington, we can really help to promote all the cultural
    events we have to offer!
    (Art In Liverpool Style!)
    So please spread the news of what we are trying to do.
    Its work-in-progress but give us time and could be a great...
    I am an aspiring Illustrator!

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    If you are an artist in Warrington then we really want to hear from you!
    I am an aspiring Illustrator!


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      Hi Claire, I'm a new member on here and have just read your message about your New Warrington Arts Block looking for Warrington Artists. I can't see any replies and was wondering whether you've set it up yet and what's involved. I do lots of craftwork and my most recent interests are with beadwork. Hardly a day goes by that I don't pick up some beads to work on. I too live in Warrington and would be interested in what the blog is all about.



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        Warrington Blog

        It wont let me put a link to it but try this
        I am an aspiring Illustrator!


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          Fab idea Claire from a fellow Warringtonian


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            When you say you are looking for artists, do you mean strictly in the painting? I am a crafter, I do paper cutting they have been referred to as "Works of Art"