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  • Clothes shopping....

    Never really been big on it but lately thought I was getting more into it. Why, I don't know. Went into a few shops last week and saw nothing I liked, and bare in mind what I like is plain. Why does everything have to have ugly prints and frills on it? And whatever happened to longline tops? Not all of us are size 6 willing to expose our midriffs you know? Ooooooh! Plus today wasn't helped by the fact that my trousers kept feeling like they were gonna fall down at any second! That's new!

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    I hate clothes shopping, in fact any type of shopping except for craft materials, make a lot of my clothes but have sourced a small individaul boutique that does all things hippy and I am happy, still in the 60's/early 70's. Plus now not going out to work my normal day to day attire would probably be banned from the high street and is made to last a lot longer than should be decent but do I care? no anyone who objects can get over themselves.


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      i used to love clothes shopping but not anymore, so hard to find something i like and affordable tooo. everything in the high st seem to be made of 90 or 100% polyester or acrylic. for some reason these materials make to hot and uncomfortable!


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        I think it is the wrong time of year for shopping atm. I love shopping, but atm there is no point buying any of the stuff as it is all little dresses, shorts, sandles, stuff that we can't wear for a good few months, and by then these clothes will already be 'out of date'
        Also prices have jumped up, but the quality of fabric and manufacture has gone down in my opinon. I must hurry up and learn to make clothes!


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          Most shop clothes are awful, tacky material, too many bits that dont need to be there.
          Maybe im shopping in the wrong places.
          I tend to go straight for the sale section so if I do buy something I know I havnt wasted too much money.Or I go to charity shops which are far more interesting.I bought a velvet skirt there the other day from Jeager!

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            And to make today extra lovely, the plumber that was here when I left to walk the dog, wasn't here when I got back and he's switched the water off so my hands are swimming in unknown dog germs and dog towel scum. Maybe I could wash 'em with isklar...

            I know this is nothing to do with clothes you were




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              But isn't it lovely to find that even though you have put on weight your size has gone down!!!!!
              I used to be size 12, in old money I'd be 14 now but guess what? I fit size 10! And when I get down to my old size 12 I'm an 8

              I've just put my toes through my lovely comfy, platform, but flat, cloggy type shoes.
              I want another pair. Can I find some? No not the fashion at the moment...grumble, grumble, grumble.


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                I agree with a couple of comments on here that I would love to be able to make my own clothes so I wouldn't have to do clothes shopping - at least it would fit me properly then rather than fitting my hips but being baggy round the waist or fitting my boobs but hanging off everywhere else.....................

                (hang on, maybe I just have big hips and boobs, really should have thought of that before - tee hee).


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                  I just don't buy clothes unless I need them as I don't have the space to store any more clothes at all. I do hate it when shops put all the summer stuff out in winter and vice versa. I want to buy clothes for the season it is now not the season it is going to be in 6 months time. I really don't care if they are a little "out of date" as far as this season you should be wearing patterns/orange/anything else we tell you to. I'll be wearing those clothes until they no longer fit or are too worn anyway!!
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                    Clothes shopping and I really do not get along... all of the clothing for larger ladies seems to be old and frumpy (like my gran would wear) and everything else is just awful.

                    I don't tend to follow fashions... I wear what I want, what's comfortable and hate shopping for occasions. Unless it's crafty shopping I don't want to know lol.

                    I wouldn't say that I don't care what I look like, I just have more important things to worry about than the latest 'in styles' - I wear what I like and when that no longer fits or is too worn then I'll force myself to go shopping lol.


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                      And there was me thinking i was the only female that hated clothes shopping!!! so glad to find i am not, trying to find something to wear for me daughters wedding !!! will get something in the end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                        I do most of my clothes shopping on Ebay. As long as you know what size you are in each particular brand of clothes (Principles 14, New Look 12 etc) its great. I find I can afford clothes from Monsoon and Wallis that I could never buy in the shop as they would be just too expensive!! And if I don't like it when it arrives or it doesn't fit, I just relist it! Selina