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Can I start the week again?

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  • Can I start the week again?

    Not a good start to the week. OH got up to go to the loo early this morning and then went for a drink, slipped on the floor and managed to knock himself out, cut his brow and broke a rib. Next time he might turn the light on!Nothing like finding your husband lying out cold in a pool of blood. I do so love A&E in the early hours! Second time this year, mum was in a head on car accident with a foreign driver who was on the wrong side of the road 6 weeks ago!

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    I think it is safe to say you can start the week again! If you do found out how to do this, please let us all know.

    I hope your OH and Mum are both ok now? Broken ribs - is he just strapped up with pain meds?
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      Mum is getting there, still some bother with her wrist but she doesn't have to wear a splint all the time now. She was very confused with memory loss from a head injury after but that has sorted itself out and she is now driving again.

      Hubby is still in hospital, no strapping but they have given him some morphine this morning and are thinking about getting the anaesthetist to do a pain block if he's still feeling it so much.


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        oh no, that is terrible luck!
        Must have been a horrible thing to find him like that, i hope he gets out of hospital soon and feels better.


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          What a rotten start to the week - for both of you!

          Hope he is home soon and able to be comfortable while his rib mends. Hopefully the rest of the week will be stonkingly good and cancel this bad luck out!
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            What an awful start to the week and what a fright you must have got!!

            Hope hubby is starting to feel a bit better now and they have pain medications under control for him.

            Glad to hear that your Mum is recovering from her accident... hope she's taking it easy though and not over doing things.

            Laura xxx


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              Crikey what an awful thing to happen - makes me realise I really should put the light on when I go wandering around the house at night. And your poor Mum too. It's just frightening when things like this happen isn't it.


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                Oooh that sounds really painful! I hope they get his pain under control. Glad to hear your Mum is recovering well. What a terrible worry for you

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                  Went to pick hubby up after work along with a package of pain meds. Now - anyone taking bets on how long it is before he sneaks off to work?