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I got new rellys!

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  • I got new rellys!

    My mum grew up with out a dad in her life. A couple of years ago she got in touch with her fathers children (there are several of them) and met up with her half sister. My auntie especially became a part of our lives and they got on so well that my auntie decided to move to the village. I initially found it very hard to come to terms with the fact that my mum had been abandoned by her father and that she was so happy to embrace that side of her family. Anyway i love my auntie to bits and it's been lovely to have her in our lives.
    My auntie had also been estranged from her daughter and at a similar time her daughter contacted her and they began to rebuild their relationship.
    Anyway to cut a long story short, her daughters children came to stay for a week and I got on very well with them. I met my cousin and her husband for the first time yesterday. did find it very emotional and to be honest quite hard. It seems as though my life has changed overnight. I don't really think my DH underdstands it at all. In his mind I'm just buying into the man made phenonemon of family.
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    That is lovely, really glad you are getting on with your new relations. I am a believer of whats happened in the past is passed!!! Get on with today and enjoy being with your new found family.

    My dad family are not close at all and when by Grandad died it was only then that I found out he had a whole load of sisters (all who were dead) but he also had a brother that we met at the funeral. I think things have been said and done in the past and the family got estranged - however I kept in touch with my new relations and they are great. Wish I had known him before because he only lived another 3 years but at least I have got nice memories of him - wouldn't have had them if we hadn't discovered that we had these relations. (that sounds silly but the best way I could think to put it).



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