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    When you get to the bit that asks you if you want 'verified by Visa/ Mastercard'...................can I suggest you take the option - I haven't, and I've had £2000 taken from my 'cloned' visa card! Fortunately I caught it, and Lloyds TSB - may Allah protect them! - has sorted it, but it's a hellofa shock!

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    Thank goodness you caught it.
    My DH is very good at keeping watch. He checks his account nearly everyday (I'd say it was the Yorkshire man in him ~ but he's not yorkshire.... he's my souvenier from "down South")
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      omg thats good you caught it!
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        Thank god you caught it - I had that sort of a confirmation box thingy come up when I was ordering on line. It was at night so I didn't order I waited until the morning and asked the bank what it was about. They said it was an added security measure so always verify the cards.

        Man £2000 is some hit to take - really glad it is getting sorted out.

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          Unfortunatley it can happen even if you are really careful. Ive had my card used illegally (not sure how they actually did it). It was a credit card I only used for household expenses so the only time i used it online was for Sainsburys online shopping.
          The only reason I realised what had happened was because I recieved a welcome pack from virgin for "my new phone" which I hadnt purchased. I phoned virgin and they just said they would check why it had been sent. I suddenly realised that the only reason I could think anyone would use my name and address would be if they were paying with a credit card in my name. I phoned around my card companies (I have a few) and discovered I was right.

          The card company was brilliant they just said not to worry, all I had to do was go through a list of transactions and verify which was mine and which was the crooks. The funniest thing was that they had used it to donate £10 to Christian Aid (cheeky gits).

          When I asked how it had happened they said it was just one of those things. I think the only thing you can do is just to keep an eye on all the transactions that go through.

          Glad you got yours sorted Peter.



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            Really makes me sick. why don't these flipping people go out and earn a living instead of stealing from others. Grrrrrr
            Glad to hear you have it sorted though.


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              Originally posted by michelleC View Post
              Really makes me sick. why don't these flipping people go out and earn a living instead of stealing from others. Grrrrrr
              Glad to hear you have it sorted though.

              Here here (or is it Hear Hear? Never quite know!!) Michelle, totally agree with you.

              Glad you got it sorted Peter.
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                You sure it was online ?

                I've been cloned twice, once in a Italian resturant which my bank phone me the next day saying did I try and transfer £500 then £1500 then £3000 to the european bank......

                You can guess what I said...!

                2nd time both me and my GF had our cards cloned at a cash point or something similar...

                I always cover my pin but my GF hadn't and the little ba**ards cleared her account.. It took about 2 months to get her money back.. The same guys tried to guess my pin which locked my card... When I phone the bank telling them I've never forgotten a pin I need a replacement card I took a age to convince them to send me a new one!

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                  My husband's credit card got used by somebody and he's never used it online. They'd played poker with it. He had to ring the company and we weren't sure if they belived him, but by the next statement the amount had gone.
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                    Yep, definitely online - I don't use that one for anything else other than online ordering, easier to keep track of. It's strange that it happened just after I had started using a new supplier, Belgian, could be coincidence, but..........................


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                      I've never had my card done but it happened to a friend when we were all in London together a few years back - someone at the hotel they were staying at did it. They took £1000 but they managed to get it back thankfully. I always cover the keypad when I enter my pin too - to stop the people behind looking and also if the machine has been 'got' then it stops the little camera that they put there from seeing your number!
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                        I have friend's who live near Diss (nr Norfolk) and they told us that a lot of people in Diss have had their card cloned and it was tracked down to a petrol station i think...

                        One thing someone told me about this is that buying over the phone can be just as dodgy...
                        If you have one of those cordless phones that arent digital crooks can listen into your conversation with a scanner, getting your card nunmber, expiry date, little 3 digit security number - well everything that you give out over the phone, along with your address etc...

                        Needless to say i have an old fashioned phone with a cord and i don't care that it ain't trendy, at least they cant trace it, oh and i can always find it!!!!


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                          Wow thats scarey stuff. Never happened to me (so far). The thing i hate are the chip and pin things in shops as most are positioned so either the whole que (sp?) can see you or it's right next to the cashier who is looking at it as you enter your pin.

                          I now try and pay for most things in shops by cash. As for internet purchases i try and use paypal. Don't know if this is much safer than debit/credit cards but feel if ever i was frauded against paypal wouldn't feel as personal as my bank card IYKWIM.
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                            I always check the cash machine when I go to take out money, I always run my fingers along the slot you put the card in to see if there is anything sticking out because I think that is how they clone the cards they slip a little gizmo in the slot but they need to be able to get the gizmo back out if you run your fingers over the slot you should be able to feel something there that shouldn't be!!!!

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