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  • What a morning!

    Discovered one of my little goaties was down - Caderyn. AKA Katherine...I'm terrible.

    He was obviously in distress and his knees were swollen. So, off to the vet. He has fever, and most likely...wait for it...AN INFECTION. Okay, that works. They ruled out CAE and tetanus, thank God. So he's on antibiotics and fever reducer - both injections, so my husband has a new job for the next three mornings. My job is to keep him hydrated. Ever tried to pry a goat's mouth open? I'm not doing a tube, just a syringe of water and one with his mother's milk every hour.

    Then I noticed Mouse's raccoon bite was bothering him - he was licking it furiously. I thought the raccoon had bitten but never saw any blood, and so I didn't really notice it until later. I initially washed it with iodine wash, but now we're putting Neosporin on it and wrapping it so he won't lick it. So now he's pulling at the Vet Wrap. Hope he doesn't eat it.

    It's a very simple puncture. Not all torn up or anything. The raccoon grabbed him by the leg just as he and Tip finished him dreadful, but that's nature, and that's their job, to protect the "livestock." Do chickens qualify as livestock?

    Raccoons will also kill baby goats, and I'm expecting some any day now. Since the dogs killed this one, there has been another one coming around, but they haven't gotten it yet. Hopefully it will go elsewhere to dine.

    When we came back from the vet, there were at least 20 buzzards in a circle up at the front of the property - they finally found the dead raccoon. Took them long enough.

    At the vet there was a friend ahead of us who was having her 13 year old pet goat put down. Behind us was another friend with a doe that still had a kid inside after giving birth...sadly, it was dead. So we all commiserated...guess it was Goat Day at the Vet!

    Okay, back out to lever 'Kathy's' mouth open...

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    The joys of animal keeping. Chickens do count as livestock. Just hope you don't have any more racoon/goat problems - or any other problems with the menagerie for that matter!!!
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      Argh. Went out to check a little while ago and Gethin was having the runs...badly. His knees look swollen a bit, too. That means it's a systemic infection and that most likely they'll both die. Might be CAE but I have never had a goat with CAE in 20 years...there's always a first time, though. Blast. Blast and dam.
      I know for a fact they got lots of colostrum. And besides, they are 7 weeks old! But I guess it could take this long before it showed up...jeez.

      I cannot believe this. I am just in shock.

      well anyway, I got 4 ounces of milk into Caddie and about 2 ounces of water. He seemed to actually be perking up...the Banamine seems to be making a diff - reducing the fever. The vet gave it to him intravenously but we are to give it intramuscular, thank heavens.

      This is unbelievable. First poor little Jerry got pawed to death last summer by stupid Blanca, and now this...they were all so robust and perfect. I am so upset and depressed!


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        Oh Susan, I am sooo sorry. Its heartbreaking to loose ones animals. I wish there was something we could do for you.
        God helps them that help themselves.


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          Thanks Carol I feel like banging my head on a wall or something. Gethie baby actually seems quite a bit perkier since his round of shots...let's keep out fingers crossed! Caddie seems a little better - not getting up though, and is not pottying. That's bad.


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            Hugs to you Susan. I hope this is all a very quick acute incidence and that they (and you) will all be back to normal in a couple of days.

            If Mouse's puncture wound is taking a while to heal up you could try hypericum or calendula cream/ointment/lotion or even hypercal (combination of the two). I'm using calendula on one of the cats at the moment because she's got some severe irritation on her back which she has been chewing at and it's gone all scabby. The lotion seems to soothe it for a while so she leaves it alone.



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              Thanks for the suggestions, Linda!

              Well, little Cad is holding steady. He's slightly better. Making the most pitiful baby goats can sound exactly like human babies.

              Gethin is none the worse. Still having the trots.

              I'm holding the syringes in one hand, to warm their medicines before we stick them again. Cold med stings.


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                Fingers crossed that they are both better soon.
                You may have to keep an eye out in case the one with scours becomes dehydrated. Pull up a fold of skin on the neck and then quickly release it. On a well-hydrated animal with normal elasticity the skin will immediately return. If the skin takes a few seconds to return to the original position then it is dehydrated. The longer the skin takes to return to the normal position, the more dehydrated the animal.
                It may also need an electrolyte solution in the water as vital minerals, salt and sugar can easily be lost.



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                  Thanks Melanie, will do!


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                    Oh heck what a rotten day. I do hope that you are wrong and they all make a speedy recovery.



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                      Well halleleuia, or however it's spelled!!! I put his mom on the milk stand, picked him up and held him in place so he could nurse, and he sure did!! Man is he heavy for such a little fella, and are my arms shaking!!!

                      Then I put him back in his pile of hay...blinked, and he was up and stumbling over to the water pan for a drink! Yahoooooo! Will post a piccie in a while - must get back out there.


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                        Saturday morning ready to go to the vet - see his swollen joints?

                        And this afternoon (Sunday) - MUCH improved -

                        Still swollen. Fever is down. I have to put his mom on the milk stand and hold him up under her so he can nurse. He also is drinking water from a pan, and nibbling hay. Whew!


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                          Brilliant news Susan! I hope the improvement continues and look forward to more positive reports.

                          Unfortunately, I can't seen the picture (I never can when a post says "attachment").



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                            oh lordy! and there was me thinking I had a bad weekend with our lot. Our rabbits who have never been seperated since birth decided to have a fight during Saturday night/Sunday morning and I woke to find Angel with a swollen lip, bloody nose and a huge gash along his eye. Cookie hasn't a mark on him. I had to hand feed Angel but his teeth seem intact and the wounds are all clean. Both are now in separate sections of the hutch which is a pain. Today he seems a bit brighter. What with that and a new puppy and my being sick, I was feeling sorry for myself.

                            Reading your posts has brought me sharply back to reality though. I really hope that things have made a turn for the better and the poor little goats are on the mend. I couldn't see the attachments either but I am sure they are cute little mites.

                            BTW how is that gorgeous little grandson of yours? I have been away from the forum for a while and haven't found any news about him so far. Hope he is coming on in leaps and bounds too x
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                              i Diane! Good to see you - what a nice surprise! Hope Angel is alright. Bet he's traumatized. Are they old? Animals can get cranky in their old age just as humans can.

                              You can see the same pics of Caddie on my blog -


                              Oliver is doing super well now...he was in the hospital A LOT over the fall and even after Christmas...but they are now keeping him on superfood feeds with electrolytes, through a feeding tube that stays in all the time..he has gained weight and therefore is stronger, and so he suddenly started doing things like crawling and standing...and he now takes a few steps if you hold him up!!!! (He's 20 months old).