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  • Would u bother claiming?

    In my wisdom, i decided to prep the hallway for painting....didn't move much out of there and got up the ladders like a bull in a china shop filling cracks, only to step back and stand on my brand new GHD hair straightners, the OH has gone mental. I have accidental cover on the insurance with a £50 excess. They are £150 to replace but am I going to put my premium up next year on something I could replace next month if I behave? Thoughts please!

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    OMG.....breaking my GHD' worst nightmare!!! I'd have to go straight our and buy some more...can't live without them....try HQ hair (google them) I got a pair from them for just under £100.....worth a look x

    Have just looked and they don't do them anymore sorry!

    3rd time lucky....the GHD website has the 4th Gen at £99 with free delievery x
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      Lol, yes I am getting a little twitchy without them and I found a replacement for £90, might just replace them and hope the OH realises they aren't the fancy pants limited edition ones he bought me


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        I personally wouldn't bother claiming for them at that price, the likelyhood is that they'll up the claim next time and if you are looking around for new cover, they'll ask if you made any claims and they won't be bothered about the amount it was for, just that you claimed at all.

        We had to claim last year for our sons violin bow as he managed to sit on it and break it. it was £400, so worth claiming for and we then upgraded for a more expensive bow and reinsured that.
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          What have you actually done to them Rachel? GHD offer an amazing after sales service (I'm a registered GHD stockist) If a client has a broken pair they go in a prepaid bag back to GHD with a letter inside explaining what is wrong with them. If its electrical and under 2yrs old, GHD replace them or repair them for free. If its over 2 yrs, they call and tell you how much the repair is going to be. Might be worth thinking about. I do have one pair left in the salon at £99! You can PM me if you want, Selina


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            Have to ask, why were the GHD's in the hallway?! Mine live under my wardrobe - only safe place until we move and they can have table top space again.

            We would only bother claiming on our house insurance for something over £200.

            As suggested, contact GHD themselves. Doesnt cost anything (I dont think so anyway!) to ask them for advice. Most they can say is 'sorry cant help'.

            Good luck! I love my GHD's and would be lost without them!
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              Definitely worth looking at getting them repaired if possible. I'm on my third pair!!!!! The first ones felt funny as I was straightening and one of the ceramic bits was hanging off. The other got crushed - no chance. If you didn't get them direct from GHD in the first place there are lots of places that do repairs, so worth googling it. I had my first pair repaired for £20.00, not bad I thought, although I have no idea where there contact details are now - sorry.


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                Lol, I know stupid place for them, however thats where I use them, in the hallway! Ive stood on them Selina, spring at the back has snapped and you can see the wires, can't see GHD replacing them can u? I only had them at christmas, THe OH is still not talking to me 24 hours later the big baby, I should be the one upset! LOL


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                  If you send them off to GHD they will tell you how much a repair is and then you have a choice of weather to have it done or not. The salon where hubby bought them should be able to provide you with the pre-paid bag to send them off, I'd say its worth a try, Selina


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                    Ill give em a call. Thanks for the advice.