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  • Stay inside!

    I'm not sure just when this would be expected to affect the UK, but anyway, Im not going to work in the garden anymore today...I'm a little worried about market tomorrow...

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    That's it I'm taking to my bed and not going out all week - oh and we better switch off all electrical appliances oh no that would include the pc!
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      Solar flares are SO inconvenient....this is making me nervous, after watching 'Knowing' recently....

      Should we make aluminum hats to wear, like in the movie Signs?? Wait, that was so aliens couldn't read your thoughts...
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        I don't feel is fine...cell phone's fine...


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          Well DH has just phone Virgin Mobile to switch his number to his new phone and they can't do it as their system is currently down. He then phoned HP to chase up a spare part for my laptop - they can't tell him anything at the moment because their system is also down.

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            Veddy eenterestink....

            Sorry, I'm silly after a long and encouragingly successful day at market! Going to watch Willie Nelson now, on Austin City Limits, and have a glass of wine.

            Oh - had an exciting adventure in the night ... well 2:00 this morning... the chickens were being attacked by some raccoons, I heard the ruckus and ran out in my night-night ans sneakers, without a flashlight...the moon was bright - I got back there just in time to discover two of the dogs had actually caught one raccoon - raccoons are extremely fierce, as are possums...I was yelling and jumping around biting my knuckles in angst, the chickens were making all sorts of racket (two were bleeding), the dogs were growling and snarling, and I swear, the raccoon was making yowly sounds like a cougar, then eventually screaming as they finished it off....heavens to Betsy!!! My husband slept through it can he do that???


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              Men! Hope the chickens survived the attack ok. Thankfully we have no predators like that here.



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                Duvet day for me I think! LOL


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                  So how are the poor chickens and do you think the other raccoons will get the message that your place is a 'no go' area now.
                  God helps them that help themselves.


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                    They seemed okay - a little woozy, perhaps. Racoons bite their heads off, so I sure hope the rest of the raccoon world gets the message. I am still shaken by the experience. I so wanted to make them drop it, but knew it would shred their faces if they loosened their grip in the least ....

                    Also, raccoons have been known to kill newborn goats, and Caramella is due soon. So let's hope this did send out a message on the raccoon grapevine!