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  • Grannys old jewellery

    I was having a look through the jewellery that my mum gave me that used to belong to her mum. She died last year. Looking at it there seems to be a theme! The same star shape appears in a lot of the pendants. My Granny was born and lived and died in Kilkenny Ireland. She was catholic. Does anyone know what the symbol is? I am rubbish with this sort of thing.

    I also love this for some reason -

    And thought this was really sweet. D for Des and B for Blonid (Blaithnaid)

    Des was my mums step dad as her real dad died when she was only 6.

    I also found an old photo that my granny had of my sisters and me.

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    That looks like a Maltese cross to me. I used to have a necklace similar to the cross in a circle pendant above when I was small. I am also catholic so maybe there is a link there.
    They are very pretty pieces.


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      The stars remind me of the St John's Ambulance logo but I'm guessing that's just a coincidence unless she happened to work in that area.
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        Some of them look like Maltese crosses


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          I have no idea, but love the photo of you and your sisters, so sorry about your gran xxx
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            I found some money from Malta in her jewellery box! So maybe they went on a holiday there and got jewellery or maybe she liked Malta.
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              Thanks. It is a cute photo. I am the youngest. Reading that link from Wiki it is also used by the St Johns ambulance as their symbol. My mum is a nurse. Its awful to say but i dont really know what my granny did. She had a lot a children.
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                Yes, they're Maltese crosses, and the filigree piece was certainly made there - you can watch the artisans at work even today - the level of skill they exhibit and the work they produce with really quite rudimentary tools is astonishing.


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                  My first thought was Maltese Cross.

                  The link between Malta and St John Ambulance is that the St John Ambulance has a connection to the Knights Templar (think King Richard 1, Saracens, Crusades) who were originally not fighting knights, but an organisation based on caring - history here They were eventually disbanded, but the St John Ambulance organisation supports some of the same basic principles. The Knights Templar "headquarters" was on Malta.

                  Sorry, all very vague, but I'd go on for hours and bore you all to tears given half a chance. I just wanted to point out there is a link between Malta and the St John Ambulance organisation.



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                    definately Maltese crosses, I had one of the filigree ones years ago