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Bites bites everywhere!!

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  • Bites bites everywhere!!

    I have 5 bites on one of my legs which have been driving me nuts!!! I now have one on an upper feminine area which isnt going to look good if I wear a lowish cut blouse.

    Apparently there are loads of bitey creatures around coz of the floods.

    Anybody else just dying to scratch?

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    God I am scratching already and I am nowhere near the floods.

    I can imagine though with all that water than all the heat you are going to get lots of lovely bitey creatures.

    Use insect repellent. Apparently Avons Skin So Soft is a really good insect repellent you could try that - it is the god damned midges that we have up here that are a nightmare - little vampires that they are.


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      ...............I used to be a bitey the old days.............


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        Poor you!!! You need anti histernine cream to reduce the itching.
        Yesterday afternoon I did a childrens party. Lovely weather so we were out in the sun in the garden slap bang in the middle of a farm where they were cutting the crops and no sooner had we started beading than the thunderbugs decended. We all kept scratching and slapping and they drove us mad. They just tickle but it's all very intense.
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          Got lots of biting gnats here and it's hot


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            I've not been bitten yet, TOUCH WOOD!! I use Witch hazel gel on the bites, stings like hell, but definitely does the trick.


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              Yesterday was 'flying-ant day' here ! We were just enjoying the delights of sitting in the sunshine for a change when the lawn started heaving here & there and the ants came pouring out as all the flying ones started their take off ! Yuk yuk yuk ! We ran inside and closed all the doors/windows and just watched as the garden became a huge launchpad and the birds had a lovely feast. Trouble is they float/fly/land and generally get everywhere and it left you with itch-paranoia that I am only just getting over...


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                Saw somewhere that mozzies and midges hate the smell lemon (hence citronella candles)

                Do Body Shop still do lemon perfume or am I just showing my age?
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