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Feel bad for what i have done (ebay)

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  • Feel bad for what i have done (ebay)

    I have never in my life had to do this before but i have had to repot 2 people on ebay in a Dispute both sellers. One i got stuff from on the 29th of June and one on the 3rd of July the 1st i payed by paypal for just under £7.00 and the other by cheque that was for over £22.00. I have sent e-mails to both 1 got back and said my items had been sent i sent one back saying i never recived she said she as proof of posting and that was that. the other lady sent me one e-mail saying she had been very ill and was behind and was sending my items out asap i think that was 2 weeks ago i have sent 3 e-mails back asking if everthhing is ok nothing back but she is still selling items so she must be ok now i feel so bad that i have had to do this to both of them but all i ask is that they let me know what is going on but both seem to be blanking me am i wrong for doing what i have done

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    Originally posted by Snow angel View Post
    I have sent e-mails to both 1 got back and said my items had been sent i sent one back saying i never recived she said she as proof of posting and that was that.
    You are so right in opening a dispute cos what she's saying is rubbish - if she's got proof of posting then she should claim from Royal Mail and refund you...people with that attitude really wind me up as she obviously can't be bothered to fill in a few forms which means you end up out of pocket.

    As for the other lady, agreed she shouldn't really still be selling if she hasn't caught up with her orders from weeks back - I don't use ebay so not sure how it works but is there any way you can email others who bought from her around the same time as you to see if they've received their goods/heard from her?

    And DON'T feel bad - from what I can see if you don't open a dispute you're in danger of ending up £30 down
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      You are right to open a dispute - thats the best way to go about it. I've seen people leave negative feedback for others when it is only three days etc since they bought the item because it isn't there yet!!
      Definately the right thing to do - and think carefully before leaving negative feedback - if possible try to leave a neutral unless this isn't resolved - then you can leave negative!
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        You shouldn't feel bad at all.
        Disputes are designed to end amicably with moderation.
        Seller 1. if they have a disclaimer on their postage details saying "proof of postage is obtained and I end my responsibility there" then they need to provide you with that proof of postage. (even though I say that on my site, I still regually send replacement parcels out and then claim back from the royal mail .... a very slow process!)
        seller 2. Deserves to be reported. If they are ill and unable to keep up with orders then they need to put a note onto their shop front or close it down temporarily.
        Hope you get it sorted out!
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          No way should you feel bad, you are doing other buyers a favour.
          Once I had to wait about 6 weeks for ebay items because the sellers didnt tell me they hadnt received payment which I had told them id sent!!I did all the chasing and they still seemed ar*ey!

          Dont feel bad at all.

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            Why should you feel guilty, when you are the victim?

            There is a standard letter that gets sent when you take over a new client from a different accountant - you send out a letter asking for certain 'handover' information, and we've often hoped that previous accountants would phone us up and say "off the record, this person is a pain in the backside, and we're glad to be shot of them" in certain cases. They never do, but this is your chance to warn people, so go for it

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              Nope, don't feel bad - you've gone about it in the right way.
              Don't forget to leave neg feedback - you've only got 60 days to do this

              I know you can block buyers if you are a seller, but not sure you can do it the other way round. Try emailing again through all the different methods - directly (if you have their actual email address), through ebay and also via paypal. But I think they will take notice if they've had an offical notice through ebay.


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                Don't feel bad - you have paid for your goods and you don't receive them. Would you expect to pay for your weekly food shopping at Asda and walk out without receiving it - no - well why should you not expect to receive what you have ordered.

                I agree opening a dispute is the best way to resolve it.


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                  Don't feel bad its good that ebay has this system, must say I have never had a problem with sellers one sent a replacement out straight away when I said it was missing after 2 weeks

                  Guess what both arrived on the same day so I return one of them, seemed only fair


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                    Don't feel bad . You are going about it on the right manner.
                    Just because its e-bay doesn't mean they should get away with it. If they are running a business then they have a duty to provide a good customer service (well thats my way of thinking anyway)


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                      I sell on Ebay every day. The seller who says that she has got proof of posting 'and thats it' did you pay by Paypal to her? If so..unless she sent the parcel by recorded delivery and has trackable proof that you signed for it then Paypal will give you your money back. So many Sellers on Ebay state that they are no responsible for delivery..they are! No matter if they say they are not. Also it's her problem claiming back for the lost parcel from Royal Mail she has to refund you. She posted the package so she has the contract with Royal Mail, thats another thing alot of sellers try to pull by saying the buyer has to claim!
                      Don't feel bad at all.. give negative feedback if they deserve it..they will probably retaliate with a negative for you but just give a calm reply to the negative and everyone will be able to see that you were in the right.
                      Unfortunately there are too many bad business minded people out there who have no idea what running a business is all about. You shouldn't have to lose money because they are rubbish!
                      Good luck
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                        You Are Right...

               open the non-performing seller disputes. I totally agree with the others here! I am forever saying how much I love eBay, and I do, but it's members like yourself reporting the bad guys that keeps it (mostly) on the straight and narrow. You done good kid, so don't worry!

                        Sometimes, just opening a dispute is all it takes, it's a little kick up the whatsit that gets lazy people moving. Think carefully about leaving feedback, but don't leave any until the dispute is closed. Don't be surprised if they neg you (unless they've already left feedback) but if they do leave a neg for you then a carefully worded, dignified, follow-up reply will tell people just how bad these sellers are, and that the neg left for you was tit-for-tat and unfair.

                        What is the feedback like for these sellers?

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                          Yes, you've definately done the right thing!

                          I've been so naffed off with ebayers lately, have been ebaying for a couple of years with no problems but just lately have had tons of non-paying bidders, grr!!


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                            DONT YOU DARE FEEL GUILTY you have done completely the right thing. Sellers like this need to be banned from ebay they are giving it a bad name. Also make sure you DO leave negative feedback, a seller cant give you negative feedback in retaliation anymore. I have sold on ebay so I know you cant give a buyer negative. Anyway how can they? you are not in the wrong and if they honoured their contracts with you they would not be given negative feedback.

                            You will get a refund from the seller you dealt with through paypal, I have had to do this and it is a simple and fairly quick process.

                            As to the cheque, have you checked that it has been cashed? if it hasen't, cancel it, this might cost you at the bank but, not as much as the original £22.00. If it has been cashed then keep pestering the seller and leave negative feedback NOW also report them to ebay.
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                              Originally posted by mum-on-the-run View Post
                              Yes, you've definately done the right thing!

                              I've been so naffed off with ebayers lately, have been ebaying for a couple of years with no problems but just lately have had tons of non-paying bidders, grr!!
                              me too, dont they just get on your wick, if they dont want the item why, oh why do they bid?????
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