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    Right - we are heading off into the wide blue yonder (i.e the lakes) for our first camping holiday as a family. I haven't been camping since guides where everything was done for us and I'm after some tips! What are good meals to rustle up on a portable stove, how to keep the girls warm etc etc.
    If all else fails then my sister is one of the wardens at the campsite so we can all decamp to her house! Cheating I know but......
    Any advice would be much appreciated!
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    Even if it means starving................take insect repellent!!!!!! Take a packet of 'Smash' potato - use it in stews to thicken it out, always worth taking incense sticks if you don't smoke - to keep the mossies at bay, take plenty of bin liners to put wet gear into - it won't dry in this weather. Otherwise, have a good time!
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      I go to Marks & Spencers for 'camping food'
      In the tin section you can buy lots of yummie stuff that you just open the tins and bung in a pan to heat up!!
      including... mince beef-yummie with a few new potatoes..
      Chicken in white wine sauce
      Loads of different curries
      Chilli and Spag bol
      Thay are all yummie and sooooo easy to cook on just a little camping stove!!
      They also do yummie pasta sauce..pasta is a must have camping food.
      And of course don't forget the tins of soup in case it's a bit chilly.

      The other useful thing to invest in is a head torch you can get them in camping places like millets and they are sooo useful when you are fudging about in the tent looking for stuff!!
      I love camping, you'll have a fab time...


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        Never underestimate how cold it can get at night even in a great summer! loads of layers on for bed. (how children ever get conceived on camping holidays is a mystery to me!)
        All in one meals are the way to go. M&S tins sound perfect (don't forget a can opener) plenty of gas cylinders.
        You need to develop your own camping style to suit your family. Just have fun and son't get stressed if things don't go to plan just make it fun.
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          Right well we are back!! Had a very good time even though it rained lots and lots - there is a post on my blog about it!
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