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what to do with a million pounds?

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  • what to do with a million pounds?

    Reading another post today I have been thinking, What would I do if I won a million pounds. (I don't do the lottery, so there really isn't much chance, but if one of you lot won you could always send a few million in my direction to play with)
    I think I would buy a proper controlled workroom, lamp working torch and kiln. Then I'd pay Mike Tillerman (UK) and Martin Tuffnell (UK) and Kandice Seeber (USA) to come over to give me lessons.
    well that's me sorted... how about anyone else?
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.

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    I'd build my own house thats eco with wind turbines and solar powered panels and I'd have a veg patch and be able to grow all the plants I want (I like big bright flowers!!)

    And my own craft room with good sound system so can play music.

    And walkie talkies so I didn't have to find the butler to ask for a brew



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      yeah I recon a cleaner and a cook would suit me!
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        First would be a quick nip and tuck hear and there. Then I new bigger house with a bigger work shop.


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          I think I'd :

          Go on a huge shopping spree .... not just clothes, but beads and fabrics !

          Then I'd find a house with an indoor pool and hire a chef, gardener and cleaner.

          Go on holiday to somewhere like the Maldives, or Richard Branson's Neckar Island.

          Buy a house for my mum and pay her back all the hundreds of pounds she's "lent" me over the years (with huge amounts of interest obviously)

          Buy a shop and stock it with lovely things.

          Set up direct debits to loads of charities.

          Oh I could go on and on .... it's something I think about a lot (can you tell?!)
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            Here's £150,000 of it.....................


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              I'd buy a craft shop and then I could be surrounded by all those goodies all day every day and wouldn't have to feel guilty about all the stuff I's bought and never gonna use cause I'd be able to sell stluff and then buy more.


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                So Peter what kind of car is that and would you have it in yellow?
                full time mum and very very part time crafter.