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Who has been hit by the floods ?

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  • Who has been hit by the floods ?

    My brother was stuck at my parents and could get back to his home and most roads are shut in worcestershire floods...

    Anyone else..

    Its amazing people now have no water and the pictures of the seven and the avon rivers is crazy..

    I wish all well surfing with these floods in my home counties..

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    We have been lucky up here had plenty of rain but not nearly enough for floods.

    I have been watching GMTV all morning and it is unbelievable. This is summer what the hell will winter be like?

    Like you say all that water and not a drop to drink because the water works got contaminated.

    Thoughts are with you all if you are stuck.

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      We have been lucky.
      I carn't even start to think what people are going through its awful. and now no drinking water!!!!


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        I feel so much for those people affected by the floods, having had a small sample of what it could be like last month.
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          Luckily weve had no direct flooding, a little bit at the end of the road I live on but nothing drastic.

          My brother nearly couldnt get home on Friday due to being cut off,but eventually made it.

          Its devastating the pics on the TV, total towns under water.I couldnt possibly imagine what they are going through.

          Plus, the government want to continue building on floodplains.

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            Originally posted by Seahorse View Post
            Plus, the government want to continue building on floodplains.

            I know I really can't believe it - but obviously somebody will be making out of it - why would the government do it if there wasn't anything in it for them!!


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              our water is running out soon and could be off for 3 days power might go as well. *sob* i'm in cheltenham, in the middle of the worst areas

              i found it hilarious that they had the titanic on yesterday! talk about inappropriate choices!!

              so far i am ok. off work as it's 35 miles away and near oxford, also badly hit. folk are in work but they are leaving early just so they can get home ok. water is still on but will run out any minute. lecky could go off any time too as 1 substation is down and the one next door to it which supplies a wide area might flood out too.

              the supermarket was chaos. people panic buying. *sigh*. i should be ok, but it's not much fun! boredom will probably set in if the power goes but at least i can catch up on sleep! saw transformers on sat night and that cheered me up no end! was fab
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                Escaped this time round

                Managed to escape this time. We had some flooding a couple of weeks ago. Luckily for us just the garage, utility and cellar really suffered. Oh and we had no drainage for 3 days! Can't imagine how it must feel to loose it all. My heart goes out to them.
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                  We have water and power for now but dont know how long for i think everything in glos is closed they said this evening will be at its worst

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